Change the Campus Change the World

Exist to Honor God and Advance His Kingdom.

Jesus said... "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations" - (Matthew 28: 18, 19)


  • To effectively reach the next generation for the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Plant churches capable of reaching major student centers of every nation and city
  • Training and sending leaders to impact the world.

We do it by sharing the gospel with the students.

Why students in the Campuses?

They are a Strategic Harvest Field because they are window of openness, a doorway to the family and future leaders of our society.


In the midst of the problems and noise, Ladyn Altarejos searched for the purpose of her life. She found it when she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Her life was never the same. The significant change in her life gained the curiosity of her classmates. This led her to share what Jesus had done for them.
The woman on the upper right is Gisele Umotoni. She is a 2nd year international student of Adamson from Rwanda. During our God Test (one of our tool in sharing the gospel), she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. The following week she attends the service and been discipled through One 2 One (another tool we used for deeper standing of the Word). She had her Victory Weekend (a two days retreat that will discuss truth of the gospel) last May. She currently doing One 2 One with another International student in University of East.


Angelica (the girl on the left side) was been invited by her teacher to attend a Sunday service. She experienced God on that day. Few months after she invited her whole family for they to also experience God's love. They heard the gospel and went through Victory Weekend. Now they are serving the Lord by sharing the gospel with their classmates and friends.


These students are leaders of different school organizations. They are Leaders not by position but Leaders who serve people, the way Jesus serves.

Can you imagine a greater opportunity in impacting the world through the next generation?

And how are they to hear without SOMEONE PREACHING? And how are they to preach unless they are SENT? Romans 10: 14,15

Together, we can Impact the World

I am Venice Gavino, a campus missionary under Every Nation Ministries. I am called to go to the campuses and share the gospel to the students.

Ministry partners make it happen!

You can be a Vital Part of the Team.

All missionaries of Every Nation Ministries have the privilege of developing a partnership team to support them in their ministry assignment. This team approach enables Every Nation Ministries to send more missionaries into the mission field and give each partner personal contact with the ministry of a specific missionary.

All missionaries share the same financial policies and support structure. Every Nation Ministries holds all donations in trust for the missionaries and has all missionaries adhere to the highest standards of financial accountability.

I am presently developing a team of partners for my ministry assignment with Every Nation Ministries. In order to get to my mission field as quickly as possible, I trust the Lord to provide individuals who will make monthly investments of Php5,000, Php3,000 or Php1,000.

CONTACT ME: venice.gavino@everynationcampus.org

MOBILE NUMBER: 09151714039

The following videos are the life been changed by the Gospel.

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