Nuclear Weapons Built in the US Math project

In math class we had to choose a topic and graph it. I chose to graph the number of nuclear weapons built in the US, from 1945 to 2015. I started of researching and graphing the data.

My graphed data

After I graphed the data, I divided it into three sections. I make an equation for each section and then I made a curve of best fit for the entire graph.

The 3 Intervals
With Linear Equations
With Curve of Best Fit

I calculated this all on a piece of paper...

First and second Calculations
Third Calcuation

Why does the graph look like that?

Starting from 1945 the atomic bomb has just been invented (and tested on the Japanese). So they weren't yet able to build a huge number of nuclear weapons. Nearing the 1960's the cold war was going on were USA was doing a race with Russia on who can make the most bombs, and they were also fighting North Vietnam at the same time. In the 1990's the cold war has just ended so the US didn't focus on building nuclear weapons anymore. This has continued to this day where America isn't in a war anymore. Now in 2015 the US only built about 4,540 nuclear weapons. In conclusion the number of nuclear weapons is decreasing.

50 Years From now - I think that in 50 years the number of nuclear weapons will slightly increase, although my graph predicts otherwise. Even though the world has reached the “half-life”” of Uranium, which is used to create nukes. Nuclear weapons are getting improved and the army will probably find a way to not need Uranium anymore. Furthermore there is a lot of tension in the world between countries right now. In conclusion I think that the US will continue building nuclear weapons and the amount will slightly increase.

95 Years from now - Now it is the year 2112, 95 years from now on. Another “World War” will probably be unavoidable. Although the graph predicted that there will be 0 nuclear weapons, I think that is not true. My think that there will probably be a nuclear war in the future and the US will be a part of it. Therefore they will built a hand ton of nuclear weapons to defend themselves. My prediction is that the graph will continue on to increase.

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