Gandhi a man who freed india from british rule using nonviolence methods.

Mohandas Gandhi was a man who wanted to free India from British rule, but strictly believed in non-violence, he believed violence would make the issues more pertinent.

Gandhi statue resembling him in the salt march

Gandhi used many methods to get his point across, but not using violence. for example he used methods such as protests, sacrifice and civil disobedience. One main thing Gandhi did was the salt march which was a protest that took place as an act of civil disobedience, where thousands of indians followed Ganhi from Ahmedabad to the Arbabian Sea Coast.

Gandhi gained many followers throughout his process, this helped him with his attempts to get rid of British rule which ended up with him in jail a few times but he had his followers to help him continue and eventually succeed.


Created with images by Arturo Espinosa - "Gandhi for PIFAL." • Ron Cogswell - "Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Washington (DC) March 2016" • massmarrier - "Park Guardian"

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