movin' on 2019 Penn State's annual student music festival took over the IM Fields Friday after a brief weather delay.

Bryce vine

After Battle of the Bands winner The Idea, Bryce Vine kicked off the festival by turning the IM Fields into "La La Land."

"If you’re planning on going apeshit at any point tonight, this is the time to do it."


The crowd played good sports for “Either Way,” even if most people were still waiting to bop to Snakehips’ biggest hit to date, “All My Friends.” Things got wild when that track finally came on, and Penn State clearly wouldn’t have it any other way.


A$AP Ferg brought the IM Fields to a whole "New Level," and was clearly the act attendees were all waiting for.

"Penn State, let’s crank it the fuck up."


Grouplove left the IM Fields "Tongue Tied" after its headlining set. The Penn State Class of 2019 is officially Movin' On!

Created By
Elissa Hill


Carly Weiss, Patrick Spurlock, Shannon Soboslay, Michael Tauriello

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