Digital Portfolio Class or How to Teach a kid to wow a potential employer online

Class #3 Reflection on Logo Design & Branding: I've taken a bunch of classes through AEE and AGP. This week's content was probably the best that I've ever had. Technically, I wasn't really introduced to anything new. As a matter of fact, there are a bunch of simpler ways to make some of the effects in Illustrator than what was demonstrated. (I couldn't survive without the "Appearance Panel" and I was surprised that this wasn't one of the tools used in the demonstration.)

However, I learned a ton about branding that was incredibly helpful to both my students and myself. (Maybe more for myself though. At this point in their lives, 16 year olds don't have a lot to brand. They don't know who they are or what their core beliefs are yet.) I also seriously loved the CTE educator from California. That rubric will be incredibly helpful. I hope that he wasn't inundated.

I have posted here a couple of files to show my work on the logo. I'm an illustrator by training and practice and find logos incredibly hard. That simplicity stuff is a real struggle, but it's good for me and I'm glad that this class is forcing me to think about it and practice a lot.

Here are my versions
Here's what I ended up posting.

Class #2 Reflection on Resume/CV Assignment: I really enjoyed this unit. I require that my students create a "standard" and a creative resume, so this assignment was right up my alley. Though I'm really familiar with InDesign, I did pick up some helpful tricks. I do wonder though, why the demonstration used shapes rather than frames to place images. It's so much easier with frames and from what I could see, there is no down side.

The best part was re-designing my resume. I placed the social media icons along the footer, but my computer got wonky from something I downloaded and it seemed to have corrupted the cool icon generator that this program gave me. Right now, the bar to blank and it looks odd to me. All of the copy is placeholder text and all the images are actually my fine art and illustration work. If I was going for a design or digital position, I would have to change those images, but I really liked how the colors all tied together. Still, it's pretty busy. If the hiring agent is looking for that clean, minimalist look, I'm screwed.

I didn't put my headshot in there, because the headshot I have is one of a student and my district frowns on students placing their images on documents like this. I stuck in a doodle I did during a particularly dull inservice instead, as well as my logo (which is in the undignified area in the lower left corner.

Class #1 Reflection: I look forward to other lessons in this class as I already am very familiar with the content that was given in Class #1. I teach digital media and photography is a key element to that. We spend several weeks focusing on studio work and lighting alone and do quite a bit of work in post, color correcting and editing.

This image is a head shot of a student that received the student of the month award for our Automotive Program. Though the photo was taken by one of my students, the only time I have to do the work for this class is over spring break, so I will have to use one of their images. Since this boy has little hair, selecting him was very easy. I got away with using the quick selection tool and throwing a mask on to mask out the background. I softened and smoothed it in the very cool mask editing tools. I zapped out a few zits. (This is always a little tricky. I don't want his face to look like Dow Chemical manufactured it, so leaving in some minor blemishes is usually a good idea.) The color was already corrected and it looked pretty good to me, so I exported it for the web and uploaded it to Behance. On to next week's adventures!

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