Type 2 By:Marisa w

How is dieabetes effects the body and what it is?

Can Serverly damage your eyes,kidneys,nerves,and double risk of a attack or stroke. So some people with it need insulin.Type 2 diabetes is when the movement of sugar goes into your cells.When they don't have enough sugar.

Why is it important to know your family health?

It is important to know your family health conditions because then you can know what you can help yourself be ready to get that news that you have it.Also because you can prevent yourself from getting that condition.

Causes of the health condition?

Your body isn't producing enough insulin

Symptoms of this condition

Excessive hunger and thirst.Wieght gain and wieght loss.Blurred vision


Insulin,ask your DoctorBlood thinners,stop smoking,Pyscial exercise


*Everyday you have to check your blood sugar level

*There is no cure for type two dieabetes

*it runs in the family

*after age 45 people with this disease lose muscle wieght and also gain wieght when they get more older.

*type 2 dieabetes is increasing everyday among children,younger and older Aldults.


People with type 2 diabetes eat what we eat but with less sugar.

Eat healthy
They have to do this everyday

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