The book thief Gunnar winkler

Exemplary Evaluator May 4

Mark Zusak facts:

He was born June 23 1975

He was born in Sydney Australia

His mothers name was Lisa and she was from Germany

His dad was born in Austria

He is the youngest of four children and has two sisters and one brother

He attended Engadine High School which he returned to while he was writing

He has written six books

He wrote The Messenger

He wrote The Book Thief

He wrote When Dogs Cry

He wrote Fighting Ruben Wolfe

He wrote The Underdog

In 2008 he won the Ena Noel award

In 2006 he won the Kathleen Mitchell award

In 2006 he had the Printz award honor book

In 2006 he had the Bulletin Blue Ribbon book

In 2005 he won the Publishers Weekly Best Books of the Year-Children

In 2003 he won the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award

In 2014 he won the Margaret A. Edwards award

He's married to Mika Zusak

He has two children

He went to The University of New South Wales

He studied English and History

He graduated with a bachelor of arts

He graduated with a diploma of education

Connection Builder May 3

In my book Liesel Meminger my main character is constantly stealing things. In present time there is an epidemic of people stealing things. In America there have been over 10 million people get caught shoplifting in the past 5 years. Shoplifting is not specific to gender because they both shoplift about the same amount. Approximately 25 percent of shoplifters are kids. Approximately 75 percent of shoplifters are adults, and the majority of them claim they started shoplifting as teens.

Character Captain May 2

word wizard may 1

Literary Luminary April 28

Discussion Director April 26

The Nazis took Jews and put them in concentration camps.

The Nazis would inflict a severe punishment and maybe even death to anyone harboring a Jew.

The Nazis would burn any books that said anything other than what the Nazis believe.

The Nazis would inflict severe punishments to anyone who didn't do what they said.

The Nazis would take whatever they wanted from the poor.

people who harbored Jews were given severe punishments and death.

People who stole books would be given punishment.

People who weren't fully committed to the Nazi party were treated with less respect than people who did.

People who were poor did not have enough money to even eat even if every family member had a job.

People who did not have blonde hair and blue eyes were considered not the ideal person.

people who hated Hitler were severely punished,.

People who stole food from farms would be severely punished.

Exemplary Evaluator April 25

(i didn't have time to change the picture)

The propaganda that I created is an over exaggeration. For the jews aren't what you would consider an enemy. They haven't really done anything that would classify them as an enemy. This poster is classifying the jews as enemies which is hypocritical at the least for the nazis are actually what you would consider the real enemy.

Connection Builder April 24

My Protagonist is named Liesel Meminger. I am named Gunnar Winkler. My protagonist , and I are both human. Also my narrator , and I are both of German heritage. My protagonist and I both enjoy reading ,and read often. My protagonist has parents. I have parents as well.

Character Captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

discussion director april 18

My book is The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak which is in the historical fiction genre. The main character of my novel is Liesel Meminger. She is a teenage girl that lives with her adoptive parents. She is a German living in a small town in Germany. Her original parents gave her away for adoption.Her brother was also given away but he died on the trip to her new home of Himmel street.

Liesel is shown as being very stubborn at the beginning of the novel. "Liesel would not get out of the car¨. That quote comes from the scene when Liesel is first arriving at Himmel street and is to scared and stubborn to get out of the car and meet her new parents. This may not just describe how stubborn she is but it also shows that she may just be very shy or afraid. But stubbornness is shown by this quote because she is refusing to leave the car even after being told to do so, and she continues to do so. But this quote can be interpreted in many ways.

Liesel is also shown as being very kind and affectionate. Halfway through the book A man named Max enters the story line. He is a Jew who is looking for somewhere to hide. He decides to ask for help from the Huberman household because his father once saved Hans Hubermans life during world war 1. Liesel become very emotionally attached to Max after having to help care for him for several months.

exemplary evaluator april 17

In this book the protagonist sees both the joys and the pains of words.

connection builder April 13

My novel is The Book Thief and is about a young girl who was given up for adoption by her parents. She soon falls in love with words. Her new parents can't afford to buy her books so she decides to steal them. The picture book I read is similar because in the picture book there are children just like in The Book Thief. Both books also take place during World War 2.

Character Captain April 12

Liesel is smart

Liesel is a girl

Liesel has long hair

Liesel is fast

Liesel is strong

Liesel is creative

Liesel is clever

Liesel is sneaky

Liesel is tough

Liesel is in love

Liesel is stubborn

make a prediction about how your novel will end

Gunnar: I think that my novel "The Book Thief" will end with Liesel getting caught stealing something. At my current spot in my book Liesel is constantly stealing food and occasionally stealing books. I also have a hunch that she might be jewish because of her real parents and she might get taken away from her adoptive parents.

literary luminary april 10

¨you are going to die¨ pg.3 This is a very blunt but true statement.

¨look out child¨ pg.119 this man is probably cranky and in a hurry so he is very rude towards Liesel who is in his way.

¨move it saumensch¨ pg.152 Rudy likes Liesel and is flirting with her by calling her a bastard.

¨who asked you saukerl¨ pg.153 Mama likes to be very rude when addressing papa but she doesn't really mean it when she calls.

¨What is it you filthy pig¨ pg.153 Mama likes to call papa rude names when addressing him just to joke around with him.

¨Liesel Meminger truly became the book thief¨ pg.292 Liesel completed a life changing act that defined her as the book thief.


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