The mission of italia. is to serve as an organized and informative travel guide for tourists from around the world. In order to reflect Italy’s rich historic legacy, this campaign uses mainly photography to highlight the artistic and scenic beauty. Other design elements are kept clean and simple so the imagery can communicate.
italia.’s logo was created to reflect the beautiful merging of Italy’s cities and surrounding landscape. The use of a triangle was fitting as architectures strongest shape and as a representation of the country’s mountainy regions.
This logo and website were part of a rebrand for a small coffee shop in Iaşi, Romania. The goal was to give them a fresh look without changing the personality of the brand. The challenge of maintaining consistency across the website and logo was overcome with the use of similar colors and type.
The website introduces an effective online presence for The Sage Cafe. Simplicity and user friendly navigation were incorporated to create a welcoming atmosphere.
The purpose of this app is to assist the user in planning and logging roadtrips in the United States. The user can easily adjust their route according to their needs then document and share their travels.
In order to create packaging for hot sauce with a rich, smokey flavor, a huntsman theme was used as inspiration. The illustrations were created to differentiate between flavors and the crossed hatchets denote degree of spiciness.
The process for this illustration started with a rough sketch. This was replaced with a pen outline and some detailing which was then covered in a watercolor wash. The last refinement shows dark and subdued watercolor tones creating a tense, discordant atmosphere.
A blend of classic and modern characteristics were added to the layout for a cohesive overall design. The balance of dark and light in the illustration and layout metaphorically reflect the story’s contrast of characters.
This campaign focuses on the benefits of water conservation and ways it can be easily accomplished by individuals. The greatest challenge of this campaign was the need to incorporate more text than graphic. The solution of combining the two into one cohesive visual was quickly realized.
In order to further the campaign’s reach and success, a combination of informative and promotional pieces were created. With the call to action as the focal point, viewers cannot miss the message reminding them that change starts one choice at a time.
Serving as a print guide to walk individuals through the print production process, this booklet must convey information in a clear and concise, yet detailed way. This was accomplished by accompanying the text with strong, simple graphics and imagery to reinforce clarity.
Fine arts have played an integral part in cultivating a love for design. A range of mediums were used to create the following illustrations including watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, pen, and a digital drawing tablet.

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