Best Of What Canada Has To Offer By: Rajan AUjla

Canadian Ice Hockey

Hockey is a traditional sport all Canadians know. Ice hockey is played on a ice rink that is mostly 200 feet long and 85 feet wide in North America. Each time has 6 players on the ice during a game. The goal is to use your stick and get a shot in at the other team's net. This sport was developed in Canada in the year 1873. Ice hockey was created in Montreal, Canada. The creator of the sport is James Creighton. People wanted to play hockey because it is a very entertaining and a great sport that allowed you to interact with your peers.

Canadian Celebrations

Canadian celebrations are talked about all around the world. Mainly being Canada Day. This day is when Canadians celebrate Canada becoming a country. Canada Day takes place on July 1st. Canada Day is celebrated all over the world by Canadians. Canadian government decided to make this a celebration after they became their own country. Canada celebrates this day because it was when they got independence from England.

Multiculturalism In Canada

Canada accepts people from all around the world. Multiculturalism in Canada means all types of religions and colors are allowed to live in Canada. Multiculturalism was adopted into Canada in 1971. This is allowed to happen all over Canada. All people were welcomed regardless of their racial or ethnic origins, their language, or their religion. Canada believes that all people should be treated equal even if they weren't born here.


These three things about Canada are only a little part of what makes me proud to call myself a Canadian. Ice hockey brings many people together and it is something all Canadians can relate on. Also, Canada Day is probably one of the best recaps of a Canadians year. It's a day that makes us feel proud about where we were born. Multiculturalism in Canada makes me the most proud. The fact that our country allows people struggling all around the world to come live a good life and provide their family with better resources is one of the best things any country can do. Therefore this is why all Canadians should be proud about where they are from!


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