Apo island By Dylan

Activity's Apo Island offers:

Diving- Discover the sealife in One of the best and remote dive sites in the Phillipines.

Jetsking- ride around the island with your own jetski.

Hiking- Go hiking around and up the mountains with your family.

Lookouts- Enjoy the view from the top of the lighthouse using telescopes.

Resorts- Stay in our best 5-star resorts. Enjoy the view and the relaxing pool.

Local shows- Apo island have shows or bands and free dinners every second night.

Night-swimming- Our main heated pool is open 24/7 swim at night with shelter over you. Our pool has lights inside as well.

Swim with the fish
Look through the telescopes

Local Food(Savoury)-

Crab- caught daily, our fresh crab is served with wine on the side. At Marios we give you the best quality food and view.

Lumpia- This dish is basically spring rolls but has eggs in it. Lumpia is served with soy sauce

Local Food(Savoury)-

Halo-Halo- This is a special type of ice-cream with phillipines flavours like Bacon and Cheese, Green-Mango, Salted-Egg.

Banana Cue- Get a banana and coat it in brown sugar. Fry it with oil

Where to stay- Accommodation can be hard to find sometimes but with us it's easy. To stay in our most luxury hotel for just $447 a night. from Australia to Manila (Phillipines) it is $989. Catch a Cruze ship to the island, and enjoy your stay.

You also get your own private telescope and and nice view from the top of the mountain

This is our main pool that is open 24/7

Helicopter view of the mountain

Map of Apo Island

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