Life Hacks By Charli Gisi

Have you seen those bizarre hacks all over TikTok, but are too lazy to test them yourself? Here are three hacks I tried out on my own so you don’t have to.

"Easy" egg sandwich

Directions: Whisk eggs and pour into a hot pan. Take two slices of bread and dunk one side in the eggs then flip over each slice. Once the eggs are cooked flip over the eggs and bread together. Place whatever toppings you wish on your sandwich and fold the sides of eggs on top. Fold one slice of bread on the other and grill until desired crispiness.

Rate: 7/10

The sandwich tasted good, but it was a bit hard to make. The process of flipping the eggs and bread was much harder than I expected. It may have just been easier to toast the bread and put scrambled eggs and other toppings on it. That also would've allowed for condiments like mayonnaise.

How to cut a watermelon

Directions: Cut your watermelon in half. Using one of the halves, make inch wide cuts going both directions on the watermelon. Now you have easy to grab and eat slices of melon.

Rate: 9/10

This is a much easier way to cut watermelon than what I normally do. It was a bit tough to cut because my knives weren't very sharp, but that is my fault.

Easy way to cut a mango

Directions: Make vertical cuts on either side of the pit of the mango, cutting as close as possible. With those pieces, cut vertically and horizontally across the mango without going all the way through. Using a glass, take each half and slide it down the edge of the glass to get mango cubes.

Rate: 7.5/10

This was the first time I've ever cut a mango. Despite it being pretty easy, afterwards there still seemed to be a lot of fruit leftover around the pit. What a waste of mango.


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