CNPS Bulletin 2020 | issue 4 | 20 MARCH

Principal’s Column

In times like these...

I have been doing a lot of writing lately. Each time carefully wondering what I should write and how I should write it. In times like these, emotions run wild. I have been asked many times, 'How are you going?', 'How are you handling it all?', and the answer is, I'm doing well. We have a miraculous team here at CNPS and we are all in this together keeping students at the centre of all that we do. We are a united team, working through this challenge.

In times like these, I tend to think of the work from Edward Debono, the father of Lateral thinking. He created the concept of 6 thinking hats, to which we display 6 different ways of thinking. In times of stress, people are often emotional (red hat thinking) and actions and conversations are driven by thoughts from the heart. A classic example of this is what we are seeing in the supermarkets with people fighting over toilet paper. People making irrational decisions based upon what they are feeling… fear.

In Edward’s work, he mentions a white hat, where thoughts are directed towards facts. If we look at the toilet paper situation again, we can look to facts to help us to make decisions, like whether to go into a crowded supermarket to fight for toilet paper. When we use our white hat thinking, we use the fact that Australia is not reliant on toilet paper imports, which means that the possibility of running out of toilet paper is slim. Hence, no need to fight for toilet paper.

There is also a yellow and a black hat (positive and negative). In times like these, it is often very easy to think of the negative implications of what will happen. Yes, there are negative outcomes from this disease, this is true, but we can also think positively within the situation we are in. We are lucky to be learning from others who are further along in this than we are. We are fortunate to have amazing teachers and health care workers who are still out there protecting our children and saving lives. We still do live in a lucky country.

The green hat (creativity), is one of my favourite hats, where we take a situation and look at all the ways in which we can be creative. I have been so proud of my team here at CNPS, throwing ideas around on how we will be able to provide a home learning plan that will enable families and students to continue learning from home and how we can utilise technology to enhance it.

Our new values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience can be seen in every facet in these challenging times. I have had many parents tell me the amount of respect they have towards our teachers and the work that we do. This is a wonderful thing to hear and I urge all parents to make an effort to go up to their child’s teacher (within 1.5 metres :), and tell them how wonderful they are. Not only do our teachers create the professionals of the future, they also teach them the social and emotional skills that they need to deal with things in life when it gets tough.

Responsibility to do the right thing by our students has been shown all across the school. We have put in all necessary processes as set by the Chief Health Officer and have put in extra measures to ensure everyone is safe. Well done team.

In times like these, resilience is a necessity. Now, this is not an easy value. I can tell you that this time in our lives is just as stressful for our teachers as it is for you. Even though our teachers are stressed and concerned about their own families they are bouncing back and providing the very best environment for your children. We have noticed that our students are also demonstrating this value bouncing back from the excellent modelling done by our teachers.

Thank you to everyone for your support and kindness. We have another week of this term before the holidays. We will continue to provide the best we can for your children. Have a safe holiday and put your wellbeing first.

Until next term, have a good one,


Captains Column

In the yard, there have been a plethora of positive behaviours such as; good sportsmanship, friendliness and being fair. Yesterday at lunch, quite a few students joined the Harmony Day flag making. I think it went all according to plan. Students have seem to be really enjoying the basket ball courts and the new buildings. Everyone has been enjoying every where at school and people have been having fun.

Angus Wood

eSaftey Tips

At the start of the term we added a piece about eSaftey to the newsletter, with all the talk of onine learning and kids at home, we would like to take a moment to remind the community of a great resource for eSaftey tips:

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is a fantastic online resource for parents and children to learn more about being CyberSmart and CyberSafe when it comes to the digital environment. It is a place where as parents you can learn about the digital environment and how to help your child have safe and enjoyable online experiences. eSafety Parents has plenty of tips and practical steps along the way so you can help your child explore safely and manage online issues should they arise.


Community News

News in Sustainability

There have been lots of wonderful things happening in the past few weeks. We have just launched the trial of our Sustainability Instagram - a place to share photos and stories of sustainable initiatives in the school. Please follow us @cnps_sustainabilty for photos of recent events.

National Ride2School Day

Last Friday 13/3 we hosted national 'Ride2School Day' - an event celebrating sustainable, active travel for schools. Students were greeted by a representative from the bicycle network as they arrived at school and participated in a fun obstacle course on the basketball courts. We loved seeing all the spooky "Friday the 13th" themed bikes on parade at assembly. Thank you also to Cr. Oscar Yildiz from Moreland City Council (an alumnus of CNPS!) for visiting our school to promote the event, and to Gabby for all her hard work planning the day.

Cr. Oscar Yildiz visits to promote National Ride2School Day
Documenting the obstacle course bike challenge

Team Verde and Composting for classrooms

Team Verde (our student 'Green Team') meets every Thursday at lunchtime to discuss all things sustainability in our school. The students have some great ideas for the rest of the year, so stay tuned. Thanks to the dedicated team of parents who came and helped out a few weekends ago, we now have a fabulous new Compost Hub to convert all our food waste into rich soil for our fruit trees and gardens. Each grade now has two "Compost Champions" who are responsible for taking care of their classroom bins.

Veolia Mini Bin Challenge

Finally, we have been participating in the Veolia Mini Bin Challenge. Each classroom has been issued with a tiny landfill wheely bin. The challenge: to fit a week's worth of landfill waste inside the little bin. This means everything else needs to be recycled, repurposed or composted. Congratulations to David and Grade 2A, who still had room to spare at the end of this week!

Thank you everyone, looking forward to sharing more with you all throughout the year. - Hannah

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Party

We are looking for interested parents and members of the school community to join the RAP team to assist us in updating our school wide action plan and to create a learning environment which values and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

The RAP team meets at least once a term, beginning in Term 2. If you are interested in coming along to the meetings please speak to Nick B (Grade Foundation D teacher) or email baker.nick.n@edumail.vic.gov.au, so you can be added to the emailing list to benotified of meeting dates.

Up Coming Events

  • Hot Cross Bun Day, March 25
  • End of Term 1, March 28
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