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I Love taking photos of flowers, they're just such a beautiful creation. They inspire me to close up when I feel I need to hide myself, and bloom to show my inner beauty.✨🌷🌸🌷✨
This is Ava, my pretty brown tabby cat. Ava loves to explore outdoors, but also loves to stay inside with her family. Ava is a brave, loyal, and lovable cat. She can get pretty wild sometimes, but that's just her hunting instincts. Ava has had some accidents in the past with other cats that have attacked her, and she got stuck in a tree and hurt herself once, but she always stays strong. Love you Ava😸🐈☀️
This is Maggie, my Australian Shepherd. Maggie is a funny, faithful, courageous dog. Maggie loves hanging outside protecting her home and her family, of course that's what Australian Shepherds do. For a year almost now Maggie has had arthritis in her hip and it is hard for her to run like every dog wants to, be our family is here to support her and lift her up when she is hurt and down. Maggie loves her family a lot, and tries her best not to love food more than them. Maggie is my long life best friend. 🐶✨♥️
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Faith Stein

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