Toys play a major role in the development of a child's imagination, thinking, and language skills. Even in the age of computer games and gaming consoles, toys form an essential part of a child's development. This is the reason why parents need to be careful about the toys that they choose for their child. Careful while buying toys? But aren't toys just for fun? Yes, they are fun, but toys should also allow the child to use his/her imagination and train his/her inquisitive mind.

As you may of guessed this is aimed at you the parents, since we know your the ones buying the toys we didnt want to cause a fuss by drawing your children in too early, we all know how difficult that can be to deal with...

Besides looking a lot nicer than plastic toys, wooden ones have so much going for them – they’re timeless; they encourage imagination; and they’re tactile, safe and quiet. Our round-up brings you the best of them, so you can get going with your Christmas shopping. Research suggests that the earliest wooden toys date from sometime during the Stone Age in Africa and were simple models of useful implements such as clubs, axes and bows as well as dolls, intended to teach children critical survival and family skills and as a secondary intention to entertain them.

in the world we live in today wooden toys arent limited to how they used to be, they can be big or small, ellaborate or simple and they can even move on their own...

the point im trying to make is that they can be for the big kids among us or even the ones that are new to this world. there are many benefits to them that you probably have never thought of as well, so let me tell you just a few of them.

wooden toys are beautiful - Whether you have a dedicated space for education at home or you simply include educational toys with your child’s other toys, you want the area to look nice. Wooden toys come with their own aesthetic appeal. Those with bright colours can add a bit of positive energy to the learning process, even if they’re just sitting on a shelf. Those in a plain wood colour can help make the room look nice without distracting children from whatever they are working on. If the toys are just sitting out in your general living space, they have the ability to blend in with your regular décor. This allows you to leave them out and let children interact with them whenever the urge strikes, rather than hiding them away when guests visit.

wooden toys are quiet - Not only will wooden toys not pollute your home with chemicals, they won’t pollute your home with a lot of noise. While this lack of noise keeps kids from being distracted, it also provides parents with the quiet they so often need during the day. Children cannot accidentally leave a wooden toy running or have to listen to incessant beeps and boops as they play. Instead, you can focus on the sound of your children’s voices and laughter as they learn and interact with their wooden toys. When your children go to sleep, the toys are asleep and quiet too.

wooden toys are safe - As children manipulate the wooden toys, you don’t have to worry much about their safety because wooden toys are designed to be safe. Most wooden toys won’t break easily, which means children won’t be exposed to sharp edges or small pieces that have broken off of the toy. They’re also generally non-toxic and made from natural materials, which means children can manipulate them by chewing on them or sucking on them. You don’t have to worry about polluting your home with unknown chemicals or worry about what your child could possibly be eating.

wooden toys are tactile - Unlike toys made of lightweight plastic, many wooden toys have a bit of weight to them, so when children interact with the toys they are more aware of what they are doing. This weight can be particularly beneficial for children with delays in the development of their fine motor skills or those with sensory disorders because heavier toys will help them feel their movements as they work to develop their skills. The tactile element of wooden toys also mean children have to think more and exert more energy as they play and learn. For example, the wheels on a wooden toy car may not move as smoothly as on a plastic or metal car, requiring children to apply more force to make it move.

wooden toys are durable - Let’s face it – children are rough on their toys and other educational materials. You likely have missing game pieces and at least one broken toy laying around your home. Not only can wooden toys be enjoyed by generations, but the same wooden toys often last throughout generations. Since they’re made of quality wood and are solid, it’s hard for them to be damaged beyond the basic scratch or dent. If your child gets them dirty, you can easily clean them so they’re ready for the next learning activity. If you’re going to invest in learning products for your home, you want to be sure they will last a long time and that they can be used with multiple children.

I know, I know, I'm pretty convincing right? well allow me to conclude this with one more fact, and I can summerise that fact in one word. sustainability, this is one of the most important things to think about in our day and age. It's a small change but they add up using biodegradable products that last longer and don't pollute the atmosphere in both manufacturing, disposal can go a long way. So if you care whats good for your child now then you should for the future, and little things like this will keep our planet going, not just for your children but for theirs and many more to come. Think about it...

to contact us about our handcrafted wooden toys please visit www.woodentiptoys.co.uk - for any inquires please contact us via our Email : tiptopwoodentoys@gmail.com

and if our toys don't satisfy you please, dont give in, it's your world too...


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