La llorona

La llorona is Spanish for "the crying woman", sometimes called the woman in white or the weeping woman. La llorona is a figured in Mexican folklore. The ghost/spirit of la llorona crying for her dead children that she drowned.

There are many variations in tales of La Llorona which are popular in Mexico and the United States (especially in Mexican American communities)

There are several versions of La Llorona's exist. Some say she was a young beautiful woman in Mexico or New Mexico, who married a local man, by who she had several children with. The man leaves her for employment reasons. At some point La Llorona chooses to murder her children by drowning them. To spare them a life of poverty.

And some say, she was seduced by a local man, who she has many children by, she's usually given a Christian name, like Sofia, Linda, Laura, or Maria, are used. The man leaves her for another woman. She drowns her children to free, herself to seek another man or for for revenge against their gone or stray father.

La llorona murders her children to get revenge on her husband. This version is popular in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Guanajuato, and El Paso Texas. They say that la llorona drowned her children in the Rio Grande. On nights with a full moon, says la llorona can be heard crying for children near the river.

This story was told to us because in the summer we would like to sneak out and go swimming in the back river, stream, pool, thing and to keep us from going in every night they told us the story. So instead of going swimming we would go out at night and walk in the woods and then That's when they told us that she would walk all throughout the shore or river crying for her children.

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