Empower Workshop By: Grace Hensley

Erin turkieltaub, Meghan Huber, and Myself with Ms. Tina Meier.
Pictures of Megan Meier

This story is about the Ladue Students who went on the Leadership Empower workshop on November 20, 2017. The workshop was held at Maryville University. I recorded all of my BRoll on the day of the workshop. I recorded my student interviews at the High School. The student examples provided really helped me to complete this project because it helped me know when to add voiceovers. Additionally, I didn’t do much research but I did a little bit to find a backstory on the Megan Meier Foundation. The Megan Meier foundations mission is “To support and inspire actions to end bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide.” The foundation was made on behalf of Megan Meier who committed suicide because of cyberbullying. To complete my project I didn’t use a storyboard.

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