Linear Systems Review BRIAN, EMILY, SIMRAN, AND Neelam

If you don't remember something from the Linear Systems Unit, don't fret! Just take a look at a review we made to help refresh your memory. Check out the Review by clicking the button that says "Review".

You will see buttons similar to this one after every question. Those buttons will reveal the solution to the question so you can check your answers.

Knowledge Questions

Solve by graphing

1) 3y = 15x +12
2) 8y = 22x - 48

3) Solve Using Substitution

20 = 15x - 5y
12 = 9x - y

4) Solve Using Elimination

4x + 3y = 22.50
8x + 8y = 34.00

5) Solve

7x + 32 = 9y
5x + 24 = 3y

6) Graph:

y = $9500.00 + $500.00x
y= $5000.00 + $900.00x

7) Solve Using Substitution

$400x + $500y = $32,000
x + y = 70

Solve by Elimination

Question 8:

-6x + 5y =1
6x + 4y = -10

Question 9:

-4x + y = 6
-5x -y =21

Question 10:

x - y = 11
2x + y = 19
Application Questions

Question 1:

Iron Man flew at top speed for 2 hours then slowed down and maintained that pace for 3 hours, covering a total of 3,400 km. The next day he began at the same slow pace as the day prior for 2 hours before accelerating to top speed for 3 hours, covering a total of 3,600 km. What was his suit's top speed and what speed was he going when he slowed down?

Question 2:

On a grid, kickass is travelling on a line that has the equation
x - y = - 1
HitGirl is travelling on a line that has the equation
3x + y = -7

Find the point of intersection. Graph the two lines and the point of intersection.

Question 3:

Hawkeye shot an arrow represented by the equation y= ¼ x+12 at a villain. The villain was riding a motorcycle represented by the equation y= 2x –5. At what point did the arrow hit the villain?

Question 4:

"Say hello to my little friend." Kickass invests his share of $150,000 at 10% for a bazooka. HitGirl invests the rest of the $150,000 at 13% for a jetpack. After one month, these investments earn $16,500 in interest. How much did kickass and HitGirl invest at each rate?

Question 5:

Thor leaves City A for City B at the same time that the Falcon leaves City B for City A. The cities are 1000 km apart. They pass each other 2 hours later. If Thor is flying at 100 km/hour faster than the Falcon. What distance away from City A do they pass each other?

Question 6:

Kickass must save HitGirl: He fly against the wind with a jet pack. It takes 4 minutes to travel 3km. After saving HitGirl, Kickass takes the same trip back, with the wind. It takes 3 minutes. Find the Speed of the jet pack and wind.

This brings our review to an end. Giod luck on the exam!!!



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