Twitter Buddha BY : Myles woodworth

@King_Sudhodana My baby is born!!! #Prince_Siddhartha

@King_Sudhodana Rest in piece Maya. #RIP

@Prince_Siddhartha just went to court against my cousin because he wanted to take a swan I had just saved. #Iwon

@Prince_Siddhartha Just Married!!! #for_life

@Prince_Siddhartha Thanks for the palaces dad. @King_Sudhodona #Winter&Summer

@Prince_Siddhartha My baby boy is alive and well. #Rahula

@Prince_Siddhartha Going to visit the capitol for the first time. #Adventerous

@Prince_Siddhartha After visiting the capitol I've seen something's and this changes things. #brandnew

@Prince_Siddhartha Visiting the country for the first time today. #changing it up

@Prince_Siddhartha I'm going to be gone for a while. #Imnotsurehowlong

@Prince_Siddhartha This plan isn't working. #Switchingitup

@Official_Buddha If you haven't noticed I've changed my name and I'm following the path of a great teacher of Buddhism. #Joinme #Learnfromme

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