This is a perfect utopia were everything is shared and everyone has the same physical items no one in this society is above anyone else with your age you gain wisdom and when you reach the age of 18 you begin work by 25 you need a spouse at which point you will get a house you will be given food by your work and other toys may be taken from the community center very sparingly no one is rich in this money less society and everyone gets equal rights the purpose is a perfect and clean society.

For you to be part of this society you will be birthed in it or be deemed worthy by the rest of the society. to remain in the society you must have,first, a job before your 19th birthday. second a spouse by the age of 25. third you must make an equal contribution to the community. fourth do not single anyone out for a difference that is not affecting there ability to work. fifth you must provide 50 hours of work a week. sixth you may not do any activities that do not benefit the community as much as yourself. seventh do not eat non nutrient dense foods unless it is a special celebration. eighth making false accusations against another community member or denying that you committed a crime when there is evidence against you. ninth you must tend the public school and learn about the community until the age of 18 tenth if any rule is broken an accumulative amount of three times you shall be banished from the community.

Mag Reef is the be located on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic sea and is the real life embodiment of Atlantis. a day to day life of an obedient 26 year old member would start by waking up in time to wake you spouse if you are male or being woken up if you are female preparing the schedule while your spouse make a breakfast meal of oatmeal and on occasion sausage then waking you two kids and getting them ready for learning centers with the community. after delivering you children you would go to your appropriately assigned job and beginning work. until 8 and returning home for family share were you all tell about your day before bed at 9

the government would consist of a community building were the minister of power would bring any decisions to the community's attention for a vote and any decisions would be then put into action. new community members are welcome but are less likely to live in the community than children who are born into the community

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