Cyber Bully Sam Cargill

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying where everything takes place online. An example of Cyber Bullying is on social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook. Cyber bullying is different from regular bullying because cyber bullying has no escape for it's victim. With regular bullying you can go home and escape from bullying but with cyber bullying its different, you can't escape. Cyber Bully's can get expelled or even arrested for Cyber bullying. There are cops designed just to eradicate Cyber Bullying because it is an epidemic in America.The Difference between an upstander and bystander is that an upstander stands up against the Bully and tries to control the subject. A bystander sits back and ignores the problem because it is not there problem. You should always stand up for the victim and never be a bystander, a bystander is almost as bad as joining in and becoming a cyberbully. Bystanders sit there and watches as someone is being bullied in an Instagram group chat. All in all Cyber Bullying is a serious topic that we should all try to abolish. Remember you can not escape from Cyber Bullying, how would you like it if you were Cyber Bullied.

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