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Culture and history

Thailands culture incorporates a great deal of influence from China, India and South Asia 94-95% are Buddhist and there religion is strongly influenced by believing in stuff like ancestral and natural spirits. Thai people, who originally lived in southwestern China, migrated into mainland Southeast Asia over a period of many centuries.In the early 20th century they were annexed and became part of modern Siam, the country that is now called "Thailand".


Noodles are a popular street food item as they are mainly eaten as a single dish. Chinese-style noodle soups, fried noodles, and fermented Thai rice noodles(khanom chin), served with a choice of different Thai curries, are popular. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong components and a spicy edge. It is known for its complex interplay of at least three and up to four or five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy.Rice is the main dietary staple of Thailand. Thais eat two kinds of rice: the standard white kind and glutinous, or sticky, rice. Sticky rice rolled into a ball is the main riceeaten in northeastern Thailand

Issaya Siamese Club Restaurant One Of The Best Thai Restaurants In Bangkok Issaya Siamese Club is a charming Thai restaurant so well hidden on a small street near Rama IV Road, Standing proudly in the middle of a luscious green garden, this 100-years-old house with its wooden verandah and old house making it a perfect place for duo dining. This is a pretty tourist place


Thailand roads are the 2nd deadliest in the world 24,000 people are estimated to die on Thai roads every year

One of the most famous forms of transportation in Bangkok is the tuk tuk, basically a three wheeled go cart with a metal body attached. Tuk tuk’s are extremely popular for visitors who enjoy the novelty of such a mobile.After taking my share of tuk tuk’s I’d have to actually say that they are not the most comfortable form of transportation. The seats are a little high making it difficult to see the roadside and being open air you smell all the vehicle fumes. That aside, it can be fun every now and then to whizz through Bangkok on a thundering tuk tuk.

Tuk tuk

Possibly the most convenient and most thrilling way to travel through Bangkok is by motorbike taxi. Official motorbike taxi driver’s are everywhere in the city and they are always ready for you to hop on and deliver you straight to your destination as fast as possible.

How easy moterbikes can get through


Thailand’s climate is tropical with a mean annual temperature of 82°F and high humidity. There are three distinct seasons – the hot season from March to May, the cool season from November to February and the rainy season from about June to October. The best time to visit is between November and March when the weather in Thailand is optimum and you’ll be able to take full advantage of the Thailand beaches. November to March is also Thailand's main period of national and regional festivals.


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Chonburi zipline tour $108

Venture into the lush Thai rain forest for an eco-zipline adventure amidst spectacular surroundings inside the protected Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary. See vast scenery from the treetop canopy as you glide along the 1.8 mile (3 km) course on a thrilling ride that gives you a unique look at the jungle.

Sample beauty, magic and adventure deep inside one of Thailand's most pristine rain forests while you have an enjoyable yet unforgettable day. After an hour’s drive from Bangkok in a comfortable, air-conditioned van, you are nestled in the rain forest alongside the pristine Khao Kheow Open Zoo. The site gives you a close up look at the lush jungle, flowers, and wildlife that thrive here.

Khau Yao national party full day your $91 per adult rate 4.8/5 10 hours

Embark on an adventure beyond the streets of Bangkok to the lush green forest of Khao Yai – a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. Experiment and taste the local fruits, jump on a scenic ox-cart ride, try trekking atop an elephant, and be surrounded by wildlife in this full day tour.

Places to visit

The islands off the coast of Thailand are famous throughout the world for their beautiful beaches, others for their gorgeous scenery and some even claim their fame for the party atmosphere. There are three main sets of islands in Thailand. To the east of Bangkok there are Ko Samet and Ko Chang, in the Gulf Ko Samui lie Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao, and in the Andaman Phuket and Ko Phi Phi. Phuket is the country’s largest and most developed island, connected to the mainland by two bridges. Ko Phi Phi is famous for the movie “The Beach”, while Ko Tao is Thailand’s diving mecca.


Surrounded by the mountains of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a flourishing city often used as a base among both backpackers and tourists wishing to explore the lush landscapes, hill tribes and outdoor adventures of the region. Nevertheless, Chiang Mai itself is a large and culturally important city where historical and modern Thai architecture and traditions coexist. A walk around the historic center bestows views of old city walls and dozens of Buddhist temples. However, the most famous of these temples, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, lies outside Chiang Mai on a m ountainside overlooking the city.


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