Caerus By: Hunter klassen

Caerus is the god of opportunity and luck, that is just mainly what he stands for, just as Athena is the goddess of beauty. The wings on his feet resemble swiftness and eternal life. His one long lock of hair hangs down in front of his face, resembling that opportunity can only be reached upon his arrival.

Caerus is the youngest son of the all mighty god Zeus. Caerus was given the traits of opportunity and luck. Caerus has many nicknames like: Occasion, Tempus, Kaerus, and Kairos. He is also able to become an immortal horse.

Caerus' name translates into "opportunity, time, or season," he was only given one lock of hair on his entire head and he has wings on his feet. Another interesting thing about Caerus is, he does not wear any clothes.

”Caerus has been treasured since ancient Greece and Rome, and survives in the middle ages poem Carmina Burana. I think a 21st century name for Caerus might be “flow” in Mihaly casikszentmihalyi’s positive psychology” (Edminster 1).

Caerus was not as much of a mighty hero, but more as just a delivery boy for his father, Zeus. This makes him similar to his brother, and also son of Zeus, Apollo.

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Hunter Klassen


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