The Full Moon Hike From Inspiration Point to Wildcat Peak

Inspiration Point, Nimitz Way, Wildcat Peak ... Very evocative names of very fond mementos ... I remember when I used to go to Inspiration Point at dawn, and ran the entire length of the Nimitz Way, 8 miles ... I enjoyed dearly seeing the magical metamorphosis from darkness to light, and the awakening of all the little creatures coming out of their holes at the first sun rays ...

A few years later, my bicycle was my companion ... It was a real pleasure to feel the breeze on the downhills, as I watched the magnificent views along the Nimitz Way, free of cars.

Wildcat Peak ... I have done this hike many, many times, taking different trails, although the majority of the time I have started around the Little Farm ... The steep ascent, the astonishing 360 degrees view from the top always creates in me a state of euphoria.

One secret desire I have had for a long time has been to hike or ride my bike, during the Full Moon ... I always thought that Nimitz Way would be a great place to hike under the Moon Light, since it is wide, open, goes along the ridge, and the views are spectacular ...

And what about Wildcat Peak? It would be a magical experience to reach the "summit" during the Full Moon ...

Today, I went on an "exploration" hike ... Drove to Inspiration Point, took Nimitz Way, passed the Redwood Grove, the Tree Grove, and just after I have passed the Eucalyptus Grove, I saw the sign, "Berkeley Rotary Club Peace Grove", and at that moment I knew how close I was from the Wildcat Peak. A couple of feet later there was a T intersection, and another sign, indicating that taking the trail on the left, I will get to Wildcat Peak. I was so excited!

It took me minutes to get to the Berkeley Rotary Club Peace Grove; then, continuing on a steep, but very familiar stretch ... I got to the Wildcat Peak ... It was so quite, and peaceful ... The surrounding nature was my only companion ... I savored the moment ...

Lifted by the experience I initiated the return to Inspiration Point ... and later, to home.

Nimitz Way: The Eucalyptus Grove
View from the Wildcat Peak Trail
View from the Wildcat Peak: The Wildcat Lookout
View from the Wildcat Peak
View from the Wildcat Peak
Going back: View from Nimitz Way

The pleasurable experience

of this afternoon hike

still remains within me.

Created By
Maria Teresa Garcia de la Noceda


Maria Teresa Garcia de la Noceda

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