War of Roses Kayla isbell

The house's

The house of York -Richard Duke of York- Father of Edward IV and Richard III he began the war by defeating the Lancastrians and putting Henry IV in jail. He served as Lord Protector

The house of Lancaster - Henry VI, the king at the start of the war, Henry was mentally ill. He was housed in The Tower of London for many years until he died.

Henry VI vs Edward IV

Henry VI he does take the crown but also is mentally ill

Edward IV well not much but only that he mysteriously disappeared

Richard III-Guilty or Not

He did take the throne from his nephew Edward V, but he was conformed not guilty till a knight confessed to killing the princes under Richard's orders

Battle of Bosworth Field

In 1485, a Lancastrian nobleman named Henry Tudor landed in Wales and raised an army to defeat Richard III. The two armies met in Bosworth Field on 22 August, 1485. Richard III’s army was larger.

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

He did not have a good claim to the throne of England. He was from a powerful family of welsh nobles, and was the great-great grandson of Edward the III. The house of tudor's symbol was both roses put together of red and white


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