QUADRIGA The Birth of a 2016 BMW 340i M Sport

On April 26, 2016 at BMW World in Munich, Germany with my friends Raiko and Rene, I took delivery of a "Funkelnagelneu" (brand spanking new) 2016 BMW 340i M Sport. Finally, at the age of 51, I had realized a lifelong dream of owning my first NEW car.

My BMW 340i was built at the Munich production plant. We were given a cool tour of the production facilities.

After the exciting weekend in Munich, including a memorable night at the world famous Hofbrauhaus, I was ready to start a 2 week tour of Germany visiting friends and family in my new hot wheels. I was very excited but totally nervous about breaking in the new dream machine on it's first road trip. I felt like I was piloting the cockpit of the Space Shuttle Columbia. It was so high tech compared to my 1992 VW Cabriolet. First stop, Berchtesgaden, Bayern.


Brian R. Smith

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