The weta images of an insect endemic to New Zealand

Focus Stacked Imagery
There are various ways of increasing the Depth of Field (DoF) of a subject, such as using a smaller aperture, shorter focal length of lens or increasing the distance of the subject from the lens or a combination of all three.
There is also focus stacking. This is where a number of images taken at difference focal distances of the same subject and then merged into one image using Photoshop to create an image with a greater Dof.
Taking between five and eight images of the Weta at different focal points , I was able to increase the image DoF to have the back and front legs in focus .
This is the second time I have used this method and I have learned a lot from it. When photographing insects, you have to be very quick in the taking of the images, as they will move and any movement will affect the image stacking.
The image above is a single image shot using f/13 aperture, 1/80 second exposure on a tamron 90mm macro lens on a Nikon D7200 camera
The image above is image stacked using five images
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Carl Booty


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