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Shel Silverstein

She had blue skin,

And so did he.

He kept it hid

And so did she.

They searched for blue

Their whole life through.

Then passed right by–

And never knew.

Girl of the Night

The smoky thoughts settle down

Withered leaves crackling beneath her

It's dark, except the lighting

It comes from her eyes

Her soul stretched far across the night

She was assured of certain certainties

Infinitely, she assumed the world

But the world's didn’t revolve around her

This is just to say…

Kids play with a gun

All for the fun

If only they knew it makes us run

All the lives that are done

Is it really just for fun?

The story passed on from son to son

It leaves a mark on everyone

Oh, how they wish they had won

The One

Every day I wake up in my box

It's always dark so I do not know the time

I hear a child’s voice

She picks up my box and opens it

She peeks inside and smiles

I smile back

She takes me out and tries me on

The walks around to get the feel

She says I am too tight

I'm not going home

It's going to be another day


In my shoebox

Waiting for the one

Time and I

Waiting impatiently as time ticks by

I could do better, but I haven’t the time

I am raged and I have nowhere to cry

Could my crisis with the clock be a crime?

During night my wish to stop it deepens

All the thoughts, if only time would just stop

The wrath won't die, it is like those demons

It slips through my hand like a small raindrop

I think deeply and agree to a truce

It was presented by the time keeper

Instantly I grab rope and tied a noose

I close my eyes and see the Grim Reaper

My time here is done, I stopped it at last

I leave it all, the future and the past


My poems are all about problems that people or things have. Girl of the Night is about a girl, who is lost. Her problems is that she does not know her place in the world. My This is Just To Say poem is also about a problem. It is about the problems that guns have and can cause. The One is about a shoe who feels it has nobody, it feels it is alone. Time and I is all about the problems that someone had with time. Their problem is so deep that they feel the only way to stop the problem is by killing themselves. Throughout my poems I use rhyming a lot. I did so because I like the tone rhyming gives a poem. Time and I is a sonnet. I really enjoy sonnets because I think it is a very interesting way to write poetry. It takes time and thought to write a sonnet and I appreciate that. At the beginning of our poetry assignments I thought writing poetry was very hard, but slowly it has become easier for me. I am proud that I was able to finish all the poems we had to write and that they were decent. Like I said before I enjoy sonnets the most, and I would like to write more.


The poem I added to my portfolio was Masks by Shel Silverstein. This was also the poem I memorized and recited. I have to admit that at first glance this poem looks short, simple, and not meaningful. However, as I read it my mindset changed. I understood how Silverstein was trying to portray the idea of being who you are because you might miss out in life. The poem explains how a he and a she both have blue skin, signifying that they were different than the rest of the crowd. They kept it hid because they were ashamed of who they really were. They wanted to fit in and be accepted, they did not want to be seen differently. Even though they both wore masks they looked for someone else like them. When they passed them, they never knew because they were wearing masks. I think this can apply to humans because we might change to please the crowd, and we might miss out in life. Shel uses rhyme in this poem. This gives the poem flow and appeal. The last word in the last stanzas rhyme which makes the stanzas flow together and not seem choppy. I really enjoyed Masks because of the message and because of the flow the rhyming gives the poem.

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Sofia Cava

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