Transferable Skills Project by Mackenzie Dobson

Skills I Have Learned

I did my internship at a local dentist office in Portland, Dr. regan and Russell's office. Through this internship I have learned a few things....

  • How to read X-rays
  • How to communicate and gain relationships with patients
  • The different positions a dental office has
  • How to properly clean instruments
  • Knowledge about medical terms
  • Patience
  • Proper hygiene

skills used in different occupations

Some of the skills I have learned through my dental internship, can be used in a different occupation. An occupation such as education

  • Costumer service
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Passion with people
  • Confidentiality


Why these skills can be used in the education field as a Social Worker/Therapist..

  • Costumer service: You obviously want to have an outgoing, helpful attitude. Which is highly needed for a job position in both fields, therapist and dental hygienist. It also gives you a chance to build a good strong relationship with your patient. To make them feel comfortable enough to share things with you.
  • Organization: In most all job related careers the best thing is to be organized. Especially if you're working with different patients everyday. You want to keep track of their likes and dislikes. For example, during my internship at the dental office, I noticed almost every time the hygienist or dental assistant was done with their patient, they were quick to write notes about what their patient shared so next visit, they can look over them and reconnect with their past conversation. This allows them to feel more comfortable and gain a good relationship with your patient.
  • Communication: As a dental hygienist or therapist its important to know how to communicate with your patients. How to read their body language, and listen to them talk to make sure they feel comfortable. As well as your co-workers. You will need to know the proper communication and how to communicate in different ways.
  • Passion: Its great to have a good passion for whatever career you choose. As a dental hygienist or therapist it is important to connect with the patients on a personal level. When you feel passionate, it shows and you are more likely to be more successful at your job.
  • Confidently: This is a big quality to have in both careers because as a therapist you can't go on and tell people about what you are told. This also connects to communication, you have built a relationship with your patient and they feel comfortable enough to share things with you. You cannot share information about patients as it is very confidential. This is also important because of the HIPPA laws.


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