Gardner High News Fall 2019 Edition

Homecoming - A Huge Success

By: Sophomore, Olivia Charette

Homecoming weekend was a huge success for everyone in Gardner. Four teams played during the varsity-filled day including: varsity field hockey, varsity girls’ soccer, varsity boys’ soccer, and football.

Some classes even took the opportunity to fundraise : The sophomore class helped out with concessions during the field hockey and soccer games, and there was also fundraising for the 8th graders’ New York trip.

All four teams played great games: field hockey played first against Murdock, the final score being 2-0 with the win going to Gardner. Next was the girls’ soccer game against West Boylston, where the final score was 3-0, with us winning. Then the boys’ soccer game against Murdock had a final score of 9-0; Gardner’s win. The last game that night was football, who versed Ayer Shirley and won with a final score of 28-6.

The band performed their show, Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man, and was accompanied by the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bands for Louie Louie and Glory to Gardner.

Cheerleaders, band members, and the Gardner student section really brought the spirit, cheering loud for their Wildcats. After the game, there was a bonfire in the back of the school (shown above), where we continued to show our school pride.

Overall, Homecoming weekend was a great success and we all look forward to what the Wildcats have in store for Homecoming Weekend next year!

Spirit Week - Showing our pride!
Our Cheerleading Team during Homecoming Football Game, and a sample of Gardner High students who participated in spirit day.
A Spirit Week from a Student's Perspective

By: Senior, Hannah Bushee

This spirit week was full of fun and excitement, which is no surprise as it's always the most colorful and creative week of the school year.

Starting off with twin day, there was a lot of creative ideas and laughs from everyone. The day was all about twinning with a friend and showing off each other's outfits to everyone. Being able to dress up with friends with each others creative ideas in their favorite twin outfits or duo inspired costume is an extremely enjoyable time.

The next day was red, white, and blue day, a day of honoring the colors of America. Everyone looked into their closets to find anything with red, white or blue to show off their own school spirit and pride.

The day after was athlete vs. mathlete. Some people dressed up as an athlete with jerseys, basketball shorts and sneakers to look like your stereotypical jock and ready to be active . Then there was the other side, which was mathlete with people dressing in suspenders, knee high socks, converse and glasses to top it all off, to look like your average nerd and ready for school.

The last day was for our school pride with the colors of Gardner High, home of the wildcat, black and orange. Everyone went all out showing off their school spirit.

The whole week was full of new and creative styles, along with people being able to show off outfits they usually wouldn’t wear. Everyone has fun with each day and are very excited to wear the outfits they created for everyone to see.

Some more students showing off their Wildcat Pride!
The Fall Play: A preview

By: Paige Comeau

This fall, Gardner is putting on a play called “A Wicked Christmas Carol”. This is a play combining two of the world’s most famous and classic plays, “A Christmas Carol” and “Wicked”.

According to the words of Ms. Landry it’s all about;

The Wicked Witch of the West (Audra Theberge), who is the Scrooge character, with her sister (not by blood), the Wicked Witch of the East, Eurestia, (Emma Dessureau) the Jacob Marley character, coming back from the dead after a house fell on her, to warn that she must change her way. The ghost of Christmas past who is played by Ozma (Savannah Jordan), the true princess of Oz, the present ghosts are the Scarecrow (Johathan Hastings), Tinman (Emma Dessureau) and Lion (Max Boucher), and the ghost of the future is played by Dorothy (Serena Wiita); the character that ultimately kills the witch with a bucket of water on the current time line trajectory.

The Cratchit family in this version is the Soforth family lead by Jem Kph (Caleb Pera), the father, and of course including Wee Willie (Emma Hernandez), resembling the original Tiny Tim, as well as Mrs. Soforth (Anna Goo), and siblings, Jol (Suriya Sundaramurthy) and Mary Ann (Kaelyn McDermott). Glinda (Sarah Boutwell) remains a friend of the Wicked Witch from childhood (the young witch is played by Natalie Johson), and she foils the plans of another young witch Mombi (Anna Goo) who tries to bully her friend. The cast is rounded out with the Witch’s three attendants, Weatherby (Chandra Ouellette), Willow (Jamielix Torres), and Windy (Elsa Guerra). Each actor in the show takes on multiple roles becoming carolers and party goers, and even stage crew as needed.

I talked to a new member of the play, 8th grader Kaelyn McDermott, about how she thought it was going thus far.

What's your part in the Play?

" I play the part of Adele, Prince Oogaboo's daughter, as well as Mary Ann Soforth, who loves Glinda the Good witch and christmas."

What's your favorite part so far?

"I don't have a favorite part because I put so much effort into both of my characters, and they're both so unique."

What's it like compared to the plays you did at the middle school?

"The plays are super different, especially since at the middle school the rehearsals were only like an hour and a half long, and here it's like three hours, and it's super fun."

What's it like being a first time member?

"It's a little overwhelming because there's a lot of people and a lot of rushing around and a lot of lines to memorize but it's all really fun and exciting.

Do you think you might do this again in the future?

"I'm definitely going to do this again in the future because it's so much fun getting to be someone you're not! So I'm totally gonna do this until my senior year!"

I talked to another, more experienced member, 10th grader Emma Dessureau, about how she thought the play was going;

Are you having a good time?

“Yes, I really like it, it’s awesome and it’s a lot of fun.”

What’s your current favorite part?

“I really like doing blocking [and] seeing the whole thing get put together.”

How is this different from any other production you’ve done at the highschool?

“It’s actually pretty different, because not everyone is in every scene. The last couple productions, almost everyone is on stage almost all the time. But, it’s a great chance to do homework and stuff, so that’s a plus!”

What would you say to anyone who wants to try out in the future?

“Just go for it! It’s a great group of people. We have a lot of fun, and it’s a great experience.”

Should people go see the play?

“Yes! It’s at Gardner High School, November 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at 7:00pm. Tickets are 10 dollars for adults and 8 dollars for students, and if you buy it's ahead of time, from a cast member or Ms. Landry it will only by 5!”

How the Seniors Have a Haunted House: A Summary."

By: Jess Sleeper

The Gardner High School Haunted House, which was in benefit to the class of 2020, was a screaming success.

The first floor of Gardner High was turned into a long walk through seven different scary tales. Among them were a SCP inspired room, where monsters and nightmares came to life; to the terrifying bloody Girls’ Soccer Team’s room, which then traveled into a deadly circus full of clowns and circus performers dominating the space in the band and chorus room. However, the nightmare was not nearly over. The walk from the band room to the library was occupied by Leatherface and his horrifying, hungry friends. The library was split into two halves; a haunted corn maze home to a bloody human sacrifice and a walk through a city afflicted with a zombie outbreak. Finally, the last room was home to dead Disney princesses such as an Alice gone mad, a drowned Moana, a sick Snow White and a frostbitten Elsa.

And Now, to end it off, some of GHS's Upcoming Events

The Fall Play, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday starting November 21 all at 7 o'clock.

Half Days starting November 25, and going throughout November 27 (Then Thanksgiving, so no school on that Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th)

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday November 25 from 11 - 2 and Tuesday November 26 5-8 Pm

Above are the links for parent teacher conferences.

Tryouts for Girls and Boys Basketball are December 2nd and 3rd

Hockey tryouts are December 2nd

Swimming and Track start December 2nd

The Music Department (the Gardner High Band and Chorus) is going on a trip to Disney World on December 4th through the 9th !

Thank You for reading the first 2019 edition of GHS News!


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