what is matter by trace windham

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space.

Pure Substance

Pure substances are defined as substances that are made of only one type of atom or only one type of molecule


An element is a substance consisting of atoms which all have the same number of protons - i.e. the same atomic number.


A compound is a substance formed when two or more chemical elements are chemically bonded together.


a mixture is a material system made up of two or more different substances which are mixed but are not combined chemically.


Heterogeneous Mixtures is a mixture is a combination of two or more pure substances in which the original substances retain their chemical properties. In some mixtures, the initial substances cannot be detected after they have been mixed.


A mixture which has uniform composition and properties throughout.



a liquid mixture in which the minor component (the solute) is uniformly distributed within the major component (the solvent).


A Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which the solute particles do not dissolve but get suspended throughout the bulk of the medium.


A colloid, is a mixture in which one substance of microscopically dispersed insoluble particles is suspended throughout another substance

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