The Era of Good Feelings

The era of good feelings took place the 1800s. It was the time were the citizens of the U.S. were proud to be Americans. The reasons the U.S. citizens were happy to be Americans was because of the accomplishments the U.S had made. We had won independence from Great Britain. Then we had just finished going to war against Great Britain in the 1812 war.

There were different types of music genre during the era good feelings. For example there was spiritual music, classical music, and minstrel songs.Spiritual music is a combination of African music style and hymns of white churchgoers. Spiritual music was a type music created by the slaves of the south. Then classical music was usually heard at fancy or important events. For example classical music was mostly played at cotillion. Finally minstrel songs were songs that humiliated, but mimicked black people music.

Literature in America during the era of good feelings was another way that America can find its cultural voices. Some of the best literature was by Washington Irving. He created the stories of “Rip Van Winkle” and “The legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Those are some stories that were and immediately blew up. Those stories were such a big that we still listen to those two stories.

During the era of good feelings art was a very popular subject. The reason I say this is because people would start making portraits of themselves or famous people. For example there was an artist named Gilbert Stuart who was a professional portrait maker. He was a well known artist. He created a portrait of George Washington that so good that people used Gilbert's portrait of George Washington to put on the dollar bill. That just shows how much art was an impact on america.

American politics during the era of good feeling was mainly focused on national economy. For example a support of trying to grow national economy was Henry Clay. He believed America's future laid in capitalism. For example he thought that the government had a huge part in economy because the government needed to help grow economy. So he had many ideas on how to spread economy. For example he wanted to build a national bank. Thanks to him america was able to progress a lot in of spreading economy.

Some people might say how did the american show that they were proud to be Americans in the era of good feelings. People might even say that America didn’t even have a symbol or a value to represent that people were proud to be Americans. Now that’s where they are wrong. America had a symbol or value to represent that they were proud of being american. For example they had Uncle Sam who was a major value or symbol. The reason Uncle Sam was an important symbol or value was because he was based on Sam Wilson who was a butcher that provide meat for the soldiers during the 1812 war. So you see Americans did have a value or symbol to represent that they were proud to be American during the era of good feelings.

So in conclusion America during the 1800s was really the Era of Good Feelings. There were no problem during the Era of Good Feelings. So all in all It was a great time to be alive in the Era of Good Feelings.

Hart, Diane, and Bert Bower. History Alive!: The United States through Industrialism. Palo Alto, CA: Teachers' Curriculum Institute, 2011. Print.


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