Stock Market Project by Yukari Mitsuta

My first research of stock market project is that we buy stock for everyone’s own profit, and stock market is helping its process. Stock markets have a function of making opportunities of treating for investors. So stock markets are showing value of stocks timely. Additionally stock markets have a function to protect investors by providing the necessary information for the investments. On the other hand, stock markets have a function of making opportunities for companies to get capital fund. Also stock markets have criteria of listing companies. There is function to determine the fair price of the stocks. Further stock markets have a function of making reasonable stocks value by major and open transaction.

At the beginning of my investment, I bought three companies. The first, I invested Toyota motor corp, because Toyota is big company of Japan. I thought Toyota would expand to more other countries. The second, I invested Yahoo Ink, because Yahoo is also big company in Japan. I often use services of Yahoo, so I trusted Yahoo. The last, I invested McDonald's, because McDonald's is famous company in the world. Also, I often go to MC, so if I invested this company, I thought I would earn some profit.

In the half way of the project through, I could learn that how to invest going. I bought Toyota motor, Yahoo Ink and McDonald's. Toyota was the best in my portfolio, and Yahoo Ink was the worst, so I tried to wait until value of Yahoo would go up. Also McDonald's was going down, and I paid quite expensive money, so I thought I had to wait and I would buy a another company. I learned actually just big companies are not good for investing, because pries of the companies are expensive and I thought I can’t get big profit. However, my line graph of portfolio shown goes up from October 18, so I was happy! I decided to add my investment companies at that time. And I thought I should search to know which companies are good or bad when I buy new companies.

In my final reflection, I want to say I earned profit of 242.92 euro. I was so happy! Toyota motor was the best in my portfolio and Google was the worst. I traded McDonald's in November 22 Th. McDonald's's return percentage decreased in October 18 Th, but in November 22 Th the percentage increased, so I thought now I should trade McDonald's. Toyota's return percentage was also increasing, but I thought the percentage will continue to increase, so I didn't trade Toyota. The return percentages of Yahoo and Google were decreasing throughout the project, so eventually I didn't trade these two companies too. I learned timing is important thing with investing. So if I can redo this project, I would like to check the return percentage again and again, and use a graph of a chart of a company. Also If I can try this project again, I want to try to buy small companies more than the companies that I bought in this project, because I knew I can get profit from not only famous companies, and I want to invest with small risks. However, I would like to buy Toyota again, because Toyota was the best in my portfolio and I want Toyota to expand their cars in the world more than now.


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