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About Us

Pineapple Prods. is a company that will help you and the economy with what you would call junk but we call, new technology, in other words, awesome!!

Heres How You Do This
  1. In a box put in all the technology that you want to donate
  2. count how many pieces of technology you have. (you have to do this because for every piece of tehnology you have we will give you 50 cents in return!!)
  3. contact us (Pinapple Prods) @1-800 PRODS to come pick up your box
  4. wait for us to pick it up and to get your $$money$$!!
Whos going to come pick up my box?

Suprisingly a drone will come to pick up your box, give you the money you have earned and will thank you in the inside and fly away with the box and the soon to be new computers, TVs, and etc.

What happens with the box

What we will do with your box is, we will make it all over again into a brand new technology to sell.

How is this helpng the economy?

This will will be helping the environment by making space in the junk yards and other things that are actually trash, because technology isn't always trash we can rebuild it and make it even better, and believe me if we were to clear out the junk yard and take out computers, TVs and etc we would almost clear out the junk yard. by doing this it will not only make room in the junk yard but it will also clear the oceans from all the junk hanging aside of it and the air would be cleaner because sometimes the only way of getting rid of so many junk is by burning it and guess what that causes, air pollution which causes to asthma which causes lung cancer and death and so goes on. Also today's new technology consumes less energy so that means that you will not only stop air pollution but you will also save more energy!!

So are you with me?

Do you agree with us and our idea. please help not only us but the entire world. Its our job to keep the world healthy. So what are you waiting for. Pack your box and send it to Pineapple Prods right now!: )

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