Roll of thunder portfolio Emma TerReri- English 7

Jim Crow laws

Blacks weren't aloud to show affection for eachother in public. They weren't aloud to to do this because it somehow offended whites. I find this law offensive! This is a very unfair law ( like all the others) because I think you should be able to show you lover effection nomatter their religion, sexuality, and especially race.
Another unfair law that blacks had to follow was, if you were black, you weren't aloud to vote. Well, they could vote but it took a lot! First they had to take a test that had hard questions, an instructor that could give you 10 minutes or 10 seconds if he wanted to, and if you pass is a whole other story. To pass, the instructor could choose what was passing. He could say that 70% is passing or 100% is passing. Then even if you had passed, you had to pay a fee that was hard for most blacks because a lot didn't have enough and, no refunds. Then you had to pass by a swarm of cops just waiting to arrest you. Then you had to get through the doors of the actual building you vote in. Finaly, you could vote.

The Great DepressionThe Great Depression was caused by the stock market crashing in 1229. It made many people lops jobs, money, and houses. People who lost their houses became hobos. It took place in the middle of the United States or the dust bowl. The farmers were very poor and had to reuse soil over and over again. It became so dry that when a huge storm came, it caused great devastation for many people. It covered the entire land in dust.

Abolishment of Slavery



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