The Georgian friday, 1 May 2020


We have been delighted to see how quickly and positively the St George’s community have adapted to the new way of learning these past two weeks. Your children are a true credit to yourselves. Turning up to lessons, ready to learn and producing some wonderful work, has been so great to see. Please send this huge virtual high five to your children from all the staff here at St George’s (and to you as parents too!). We are so proud of how everyone has taken to the remote learning - well done and keep up the good work!

Virtual teaching will never replace the classroom experience, but the love, the laughter, the smiles, the awe and wonder of learning and the ‘eureka’ moments are still very much alive. The doors are shut, but minds are most definitely open. The resilience of our pupils, the ability to ‘bounce back’, has been wonderful to see.

Some marvellous stories have been coming in from the pupils and families adapting to this new way of learning and life which have impressed us both. Please keep sending them in. In the meantime, please read the following poem - it has been adapted but it captures where we are at present.

“It was March 2020 ... The streets were empty, the shops closed, people couldn't get out.

But spring did not know, and the flowers began to bloom, the sun shone, the birds sang, the swallows would soon arrive, the sky was blue, the morning arrived early.

It was March 2020 ...Young people had to study online, and find occupations at home, people could no longer go shopping, or go to the hairdresser.

But spring did not know, the time to go to the garden arrived, the grass greened.

It was March 2020 ... People have been put in lockdown. To protect us all.

But spring did not know, apples, cherry trees and others bloomed, the leaves grew.

People started reading, playing with their families, learning a language, singing on the balcony inviting neighbours (from a distance) to do the same, being supportive and focusing on other values.

People realised the importance of health, of suffering, of this world that had stopped, of the economy that has plummeted.

But spring didn't know. The flowers gave way to the fruit, the birds made their nest, the swallows had arrived.

Then the day of liberation came, people found out on TV, the virus had lost, people took to the streets, sang, cried, hugged their neighbours, without masks or gloves.

And that's when summer came, because spring didn't know. He continued to be there despite everything.

Because spring didn't know, he taught people the power of life.

Everything's gonna be fine, stay home, protect yourself.”

Author unknown.

Thought of the week

In these unprecedented times the simple act of staying in touch or reaching out is essential to everyone’s well-being, not only for those closest to you, but also those in our wider community. We know that many of the children will have already been drawing rainbows for their windows, helping to make communities feel more cheerful and showing support and gratitude for the NHS. Many of you will no doubt also have signed up to become NHS volunteers, or will already be supporting those who are vulnerable in your communities. There really are some amazing acts of selfless humanity taking place, from which we are all taking inspiration.

Performing acts of Kindness and Gratitude, although different, have a profound effect on our mental and physical health.

Gratitude, or feeling thankful, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that you have been given, means learning to live your life with a calm acceptance and simple enjoyment. This is something that we are all having to do in different ways at this very moment in time; finding simple pleasures, noticing and enjoying nature and caring for each other.

The reality of being away from school, not seeing friends and trying to find the new norm may start to take its toll. As adults, we are learning how to manage our own emotions during this time. We do not need to put on a ‘happy show’, children read our body language. Acknowledge your own feelings and those of your children. Talk out worries; when we feel heard, we feel calm. Sift through the fake news and deal with facts, not fiction. Ideally, you would limit news exposure in your household. As the famous book we all loved as a young child says, ‘We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, but we have to go through it…'

What everyone needs right now is to feel comforted, connected, safe and loved. Everyone is in the same boat. Home is not school, you are the parent, not their teacher. At the end of this, our mental health is what’s important, and how we all felt during this time will stay with us forever. Our children will be known as the children of 2020. During university interviews, job interviews, they will be asked what they did during this time. Pick your battles; if your child is not in the right learning frame of mind, leave it and come back to it when they are. This is a good time for them to learn self-care, how to make their bed, make breakfast, use the washing machine, load the dishwasher…skills for the rest of their lives.

Stay safe and have a restful weekend.

Emma and William

Celebration Assembly

The following pupils received awards at the Celebration Assembly this morning:

Pre-Prep Golden Tree Awards

Many congratulations to all our Pre-Prep children for their hard work and participation this week.

The following were given their Golden-Tree Awards (pictures will be added on Monday morning)

Eleni and Toby D in Year 3CH

Arthur Jack and Daisy in Year 3 ML

Xanthippe and Humphrey in Year 2 GA

Ella and Bertie in Year 2SS

Maddie, William T, Jago and Gus in Year 1JH

Youshay, Alessandro and Zac in Year 1AG

Ajai and Aidan in Reception E

Sahibzada and Zachary in Reception P

Well done to you all. Your postcards and badges will arrive in the post very soon...!

Head Master's Awards

Evie C, George H, Poppy J, Loic C: for great work in English

Ebbe K, Jimmy N, Poppy J, Sarrinah B: for fantastic work in Art

Nefeli M, Jimmy N, Ella G: for engaging work in Cultural Enrichment

Radley H: for a thought-provoking contribution in Enrichment

Harry W, Harry E: for outstanding work on industry in Geography

Matilda U-I: for excellent work in English, Maths and History

Scarlet S: for engagement in online learning

Poppy J, Nefeli M: for contributing excellent ideas in the St George’s Award

Ebbe K, George H: for outstanding work in Maths

Sam N: for excellent work in Maths on 3D shapes

Andreas L, Tom G, Isaac S: for excellent work in Maths

Millie W: for displaying a fantastic attitude to home learning

Billy O’B: for great work in Maths

Tom A: for effort and endeavour in Maths

Gracie M: for creation a fantastic ‘Isaac Newton Apple Tree’

Adhrit P, Summer E: for writing a super poem in English

Ethan F-G, Carys C: for writing a super poem inspired by writing outdoors

Spirit of St George's Award

Amar S: For doing a charity live stream to raise £211 for the NHS

James H: for helping an elderly neighbour with gardening work

Alex W and Charley W: for demonstrating excellent values in the St George’s Award

Thomas G: for recording the story, ‘The Tiger Came to Tea’ for

Reception children.

Ekam R: for sharing his knowledge and tips on using the

computers for remote learning with his classmates

Radley H: for embracing the home learning and striving to give things a go

This week's photos have shown that St George' pupils like...

...being kind to others

Whether it's collecting old shoes or money for charity, helping an elderly neighbour on his allotment, writing postcards to someone in a care home, or cleaning cars for NHS key workers, STG pupils show that they care.

...cooking and baking (especially baking)

...working hard on their schoolwork at home

...sharing a special time with brothers and sisters

...keeping active

...enjoying their pets (and other animals)

...going on nature walks and planting seeds



...building and constructing

...creating beautiful works of art

(There were so many, we're sorry we couldn't show them all.)

Photo Collages by Lara and Owen H

...and producing some very good work!

SOuL Outdoor Learning (by Mrs Ally Onions)

Photo Collage by Lara H

This week I am going to highlight the 'keypunch activity'. It is easily adapted to the space available, and can be done indoors as well.

I have chosen this activity as it can be played by individuals racing against themselves to improve their times, or it can be done between siblings, and even parents can join in the fun. Not only does this activity work on strategic thinking - either as part of a team or an individual - but it is is also quite a good workout for the day as well!

Let us know how you get on with this, or any of the other activities!

Dawn Chorus

Isaac S had spotted that May 2nd is 'Dawn Chorus Day'. Click here to find the 10 most popular garden birds - have you seen or heard any of them in your garden? The RSPB website has a bird identifier tick list which you can use to help you tick off any garden visitors you see or hear. It also has some great ideas, from tips for the garden to activities that families can all do together. There are also daily challenges for children to complete.

STG Award Pioneer Level (by Mrs Ally Onions)

The children in Years 3 and 4 are working towards the STG Award Pioneer Level (as it is running for the first time, they are indeed pioneers! )

The Award is split into four areas: Nature | Pursuit of skills and hobbies | Adventure | Kindness to others and the children are starting off working on 'Kindness to Others.' They have been tasked with finding things they can help out with, crucially actions that they can continue well after the award has finished! Harry M produced this poster:

It has been fantastic to receive ideas from the children, and see the acts of kindness many are already involved in. We will keep you updated with award progress.

Weekly Maths Puzzle

Quick Quiz

Answers to last week's quiz - from left to right starting at top row: BELGIUM, the Atomium in Brussels; SPAIN, the Basilica de La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona; FRANCE, the Le Corbusier designed Ronchamp Chapel; ITALY, the monument to Victor Emmanuel II in Rome; GERMANY, Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria; SCOTLAND, the Queensferry Crossing over the Forth Estuary; AUSTRIA, the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna.

Who were the artists of these paintings?

Years 6 - 8 Mini Lecture Series

James Shone spoke to Years 6-8 today. Do watch his message below:

Wishing the following pupils a very...

Kyan W and Bea A have their birthdays in the coming week - we wish them many happy returns!