Hedge Fund Manager Matthew Croft

Who do i want to work for?

As of now, I don't exactly know who exactly I would work for, however this position is available in many different businesses. These businesses include credit unions, insurance companies, investment banks, and any investment-involved companies.

What is...

A Hedge Fund invests capital using risk-management techniques.

A Hedge Fund Manager is the head overseer of investments.

Entry level salaries average around 100K, but can practically double within a few years.

Their job is to research and analyze investment classes in order to identify the best assets for a hedge fund.

Having at least a Bachelors degree in either business, finance, or something similar will greatly increase your chances for this position.

Where will i be working?

San Jose, California
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
San Francisco, California

My first choice would be to live in San Jose because they have some of the best opportunities for my field. However, any of the other places above would be just as good.

How do I become one?

My plan is to graduate from OSU with a Bachelors degree in either Business or Finance. After, I will begin my job hunt to put my skills to work.

Why does this interest me?

My whole life I have been fascinated with numbers and loved doing math, but I could never figure out how I could use that to my advantage. I finally figured out that math and problem solving is my passion and this field of work fits me perfectly.

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Matthew Croft

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