Healthcare in the 20's By: tearvyn saylor


Health care in Canada back in the 1920’s saw a lot of different of advancements. Newton Wesley Rowell stood in front of the House of Commons to debate the bill 37, and respecting the department of health. Later when they assessed in personal government they then argued about how it gave every poor women and men and child in the country the right to free health care. In 1919, the first free health care center opened with Newton Rowell as the first minister of health with Dr. John Andrew Amyot as the doctor. He had to find a way that they could implement federal shared cost and have funding for programs to deal with many different diseases.

On the left is Dr. Andrew Amyot. On the right is Newton Wesley Rowell.


Health care in Canada in the 1920’s and late 1910’s .


The health care system was put in place in 1919-1929. There were many advancements in between these times. In Calgary, they relisted the rate of a hospital stay. In 1920, the population of Canada grew.


Most of the medical changes occurred nationwide.


In 1919 when the outbreak of influenza occurred they were testing drugs to prevent common colds and the spread of influenza. Usually a new disease which affects lots of people spikes the interest and need for more resources.

Another cause is WW1. WW1 was a time in medicine when they were experiencing new injuries and different illnesses that they have never seen before. This caused new procedures to come into play and new equipment to be used. This was just the beginning of a new medical technology. These procedures prepared the medical world for WW2.

The government was also able to influence the advancements. They had to provide funding for the technology to be tested and pay the people working on these advancements. Without the government's funding changes may have happened but they would have been slower as everything cost money.

The effects and impacts

There were many effects with this occurrence. One occurrence was new technology. This helped with different procedure such as removing scaplantal and even surgery

Another is new equipment to also help with surgeries. With these advancements it meant that more lives were saved. With an increase in lifespan increased our population and also grew our economic status and the general well being of those who live in Canada.

This presentation only showed some of the way that the 20-30 impacted the medical advancements. Without this occurrence there may not have been the medical advancement like there are today with the new technology that developed in the 20’s.

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