All made with raw, never roasted, nuts.

all delicious.

all loved.

all made with care and flair for seekers of good food.

jindilli farms

The family-owned Jindilli farms are nestled near the Eastern coast of Australia in the very region where the tree originated. In a nutshell... their abundant rainfall, ample sunshine, rich soil and low impact farming is good for their nuts. Heart nā€™ soil - how good food is grown now.

At their farms, they are ardently impassioned about regenerative farming. It means they run their farms as naturally as possible using an ever-growing collection of holistic farming techniques that rebuild the soil health. Helping to restore the amazing biodiversity of the millions of microorganisms living in each tablespoon of their land is the prime objective. Life has become a knowledge quest for creative ways to minimize human intervention and leave the earth do what she knows best ā€“ some call it 'low impact, low energy' farming, they like the thought of gentle farming too. Whatever the name, it is such an exciting journey, they are amazed with what they are learning and thrilled to find their selves a small part of a new wave of farming communities who are bent on creating a more sustainable, abundant future for their planet. To learn more about our free-range trees and how they regeneratively farm, visit their blog post on the Milkadamist.


ORIGINAL Milkadamia

CODE: 60230

Size: 6/64 oz

unsweetened vanilla milkadamia

CODE: 60232

Size: 6/64 oz

unsweetened milkadamia

CODE: 60231

Size: 6/64 oz

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