Baylee Curtis

The project was to make a clay piece and use weaving in the piece. I braided the clay and made a lot of texture in the pot. It was hard to glaze because there was so much texture. I am planning to use the piece for my straightener. I brought it home and put it in our bathroom because it matched it and it will be very useful to hold things.
In this project I was supposed to smash my face against a window and have someone take a picture of it, then I would draw it with graphite. It was challenging because there were many glares in the window so I had to think of some other way to smash my face. So I went on the internet and looked for a camera that would deform my face. It deformed my face and I took the picture and drew it.
In this project I was supposed to draw five hands and one foot. I used shading and dark darks and light lights. I used the value scale when creating this project. It helped me understand he movement and the shadows that my hands create. Using color was hard because I don't use colored pencils that much but it will help me in the future being able to use darker and lighter colored pencils.
For my sketchbook I used water color and blocked out the white part where I wanted a cross. I create thumbnails before I do an art project. I used the subtractive technique for the cross and painted over it and placed salt over it.
We had to form a paper airplane and draw them 3 times from different angles. I used light to create shadows and used the value scale to make the airplanes to make them look three dimensional. This helped me see movement in the airplanes and create dimensions.
I painted a picture of Jesus throwing up water after his baptism. I used the subtractive technique with rubber cement to keep the water white. I did Jesus' baptism because it is a famous story of the Christian religion. I used many different techniques in this project to create movement. I created movement in the water by using different brushstrokes.
When your roots of Faith are planted deep, the storm of life wont affect you. I used oil pastels to create a dark and light colors. I major technique that I use is blending. I blend all of the pastels together to create different colors and make it look more realistic.
When print making you use the subtractive technique. This project was very hard becasue it was hard to get the ink just right and make the print look solid. This was my least favorite project and I don't think I will use it in the future. Printmaking is used when making clothes and logos on t-shirts and etc.
This project was called pen and ink. I used many different techniques including, cross hatching and mixing the ink with water. This is a fishing pole in front of the lake and I created movement in the water in order to make it look like water.
This is the then and now project. I used Jesus' resurrection for after and the cross to represent before he was crucified. I used oil pastels because they are my favorite medium. I did it from the tombs perspective to represent where He was, then where He was afterwards. I used many different techniques when making this project and I will use these techniques again.
I used the square knot to make an ankle bracelet and these knots were mostly used by sailors for fishing. It is used by the Scouts when they first join the BSA. I could use this knot in the future in fishing. I could also use this knot in a future art project. These knots can be used by securing bundles, packages and sails of ships.In the Macrame project I used hemp and a bead. I tied the hemp into square knots until it was 20 inches long. I will then double it up to make an ankle bracelet. Macrame was popular during the 1970’s but was first used to tie fisherman’s knots.

This is the plan an event project. I planned a trip to Colorado because it is something I have always wanted to do. I used watercolor and made different directions to show the differences of the objects in the piece. I also used sharpie marker to write the activities to show what I would want to do in Colorado. I could use this in the future by using it as an example of things to do in Colorado.

This project was a self portrait that was inspired by Kehinde Wiley. He was from New York and would take random people off the streets; mostly African American women. He would paint them to look as if they were superior. The background was a representation of their personality. I painted myself in a cheer uniform because it is something I enjoy doing and the background is inspired by Korean folk art. My painting style was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh because movement is the most important requirement in a painting in my opinion. I used a variety of colors as well as an undertone which was blue and green to bring out the top coat.
In this piece I used charcoal on a piece of pastel paper. This picture represents a song called "Dry Bones". This song represents a story out of the Bible and Jesus yelled "come alive" to all of the people who were dry and full of sin. A lot of my pieces are based on my religion because it is the most important thing in my life. It was very challenging to me because I am not fully developed in graphite nor using implied lines rather than too much detail. My work conveys a time in my life where I felt "dry" and needed Jesus to tell me to come alive.
In this project I used pen and ink. This project was very challenging because I do not usually use ink and avoiding mess ups was an obstacle. Last year I had a project like this but I used watercolor and it represents Jesus' baptism. Many of my projects are religiously based because my artwork always means something to me. I challenged myself by using a new medium and I have found that I would be willing to try this medium again.
In this project I painted a violin. The violin is used mostly in songs that represent sorrow and the "blues". The medium I used in this project was oil paint. I used many layers when painting this project. I used a red undertone and used certain brush strokes to make the violin have high and low lights. In the background, I used a light blue undertone and dark blue on top to produce value. The background wraps around the violin giving the violin a focal point. I used the standard #2, this picture represents empowerment in my life because the songs that I normally listen to contain a violin and puts me in a better mood.
In this project I used chalk pastels. The challenging part was applying the colors dark to light rather than light to dark. My reference was a picture that I took in Canada while I was canoeing. I used this picture because it brings back memories and peacefulness. I had to use a lot of impressionism because it is hard to create small details with chalk pastels. I challenged myself by using colors that were more implied rather than actually in the picture. I also challenged myself by using more of my memory rather than the reference because the scene was beautiful enough to remember in details. I could have improved this project a lot by starting at the horizon line in my opinion. I did not enjoy chalk pastels as much as oil pastels because I am not as familiar with chalk as I am with oil.

In this project I used clay. I formed my favorite artists' guitar, Luke Combs. I chose to form his guitar because it was the guitar he used when he recorded my favorite song. Inside the guitar I carved his song lyrics in them, along with the form of his album cover design. It was challenging because of the length limit and I have never worked with big slabs like that. I used a different kind of glaze; it was spotted and not very realistic. If I had the ability to change the clay I would use a different clay

This project was one of the most challenging projects because I had a reference that was very detailed. This piece of art is not finished and I had to overcome many obstacles when producing it. I repainted this for a Spanish teacher that was very upset when her painting was destroyed in the destruction of the old school. I challenged myself by making an animated painting look realistic without changing the meaning. I learned a lot during this project like attitude because it is hard to conquer a project when there is a bad start. Going forward I will practice new techniques on this painting and will have a better attitude when finishing the piece.

In this project I used oil paint. I copied an original painting as a reference for this painting that was originally on one of my teacher’s walls before we demolished the school it was in. She was upset knowing that she would never see the painting again because it meant a lot to her. Going into this project I had the intentions to making it look identical to the original, but I experienced many obstacles so I decided to change some major details. The biggest challenge was making consistent skin tones throughout her face and her chest; and the original painting was more animated so I decided to make her look more human. I would not change anything about this project, and although it was one of the hardest projects I have faced, it is one of my favorites. I looked at Frida Kahlo as an artist of reference for many reasons. One reason is that it is my teachers favorite artist and her paintings always represented a story. I used flowers and vines like Frida Kahlo which turned out very successful. The color consistency, especially in the background, creates so much movement and creativity. I think that this piece was difficult but successful.
In this project, I carved a sculpture out of plaster. I decided to carve an angel because the project was meant to have meaning. I usually take the religious route when creating pieces because that is what means most to me. I used the subtractive method, which seemed easy at first but I faced many challenges throughout the course of the sculpture. I had to carefully choose what amount of pressure to add to the screwdriver when carving. I had to use the reference of my sculpture drawing throughout the whole process for defining details. My artist I used for inspiration was Henry Moore. He was an artist that was known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures. I used Kat VanD for the inspiration of the tattoo. I painted the wings to apply a focal point on the angel. I think that this piece was challenging but the meaning behind it means more than that.


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