Baylee Curtis

The project was to make a clay piece and use weaving in the piece. I braided the clay and made a lot of texture in the pot. It was hard to glaze because there was so much texture. I am planning to use the piece for my straightener.
In this project I was supposed to smash my face against a window and have someone take a picture of it, then I would draw it with graphite. It was challenging because there were many glares in the window so I had to think of some other way to smash my face. So I went on the internet and looked for a camera that would deform my face. It deformed my face and I took the picture and drew it.
In this project I was supposed to draw five hands and one foot. I used shading and dark darks and light lights.
For my sketchbook I used water color and blocked out the white part where I wanted a cross.
We had to form a paper airplane and draw them 3 times from different angles.
I painted a picture of Jesus throwing up water after his baptism.
When your roots of Faith are planted deep, the storm of life wont affect you.
When print making you use the subtractive technique.
This project was called pen and ink. I used many different techniques including, cross hatching and mixing the ink with water. This is a fishing pole in front of the lake and I created movement in the water in order to make it look like water.
This is the then and now project. I used Jesus' resurrection for after and the cross to represent before he was crucified.
I used the square knot to make an ankle bracelet and these knots were mostly used by sailors for fishing.

This is the plan an event project. I planned a trip to Colorado because it is something I have always wanted to do.


Created with images by spDuchamp - "found floral"

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