Batman An epic cHronolOgy of batman's aRchetypes by Noah Duran

(That title may not be true)

The 3 core archetypes any hero should posses

Every great hero posses 3 main archetypes that make them such a great hero, or epic hero. Every hero needs to be creative or be able to adapt, sometimes your just limited to tools and need a weapon. Leave it to the hero to be creative and think of a solution. And when creative, it can help the hero create a battle strategy and think on there feet.


Another archetype a hero should have is to be athletic. A hero must be ready at all times, any ready for anything. He or she must be in shape if they want to save the day.


(This might seem off topic but when you swipe in between those 2 pictures up above, IT LOOKS LIKE MAGIC!!!) And the 3rd archetype anywhere should have is dedication or to be an advocate. They need to be dovoted to there cause and make a stand against evil.



(I'm am really tired of writing his name) Any way, Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, had archetypes simalr to the 3 core any hero should have. His first main archetype was Royalty. As you know, he was a king called to go to war. So he was very well respected among his people and soilders like some other heros. His 2nd trait is to be creative. Odysseus is very creative when comes to war and fights in common. He came up with the idea of the Trojan horse which won them the war. And helped his men escape the clutches of a Cyclopes. And his 3rd trait is visionary. Like some super heros of today, they can see into the future. Odysseus can some what do that, because he is always thinking. He could be thinking in the heat of battle which way to run, or fight, or to hide. Ethier way, he is a great thinker and or visionary.



Batman is not a "super" hero, but is still one, because like Odysseus, he was a reagular billionaire, until he became a hero. He has 3 main traits, the 1st being an advocate, or devoted. No matter what happens, batman will get the job done, weather is takes a day or year it will happen because, he is The Batman. His 2nd trait is Royaltiy, because when he is not batman, he is Bruce Wayne, a very well respected man that has lots of power, like to become the batman. And his 3rd trait is to be an athlete, becuase without pain, the is no gain. I mean, bane broke the batman's back, yet he was still able to rise from that and defeat bane later in time, hence The Dark knight rises.

The Batman

So What?!

Well now that we know are heroes traits, what sort of impact could they have on today society. For one, Batman is a bigger and more iconic figure than Odysseus, and gives people hope, and a reason to fight and never give up. You got to, Just Do It! But as Odysseus I'd much, much older, he doesn't have the same impact, but is sort of the same. And no, I don't think they would play the same role over 3000 years ago. Odysseus would do great because that is from what time he's from. But batman, would not be batman, he would just be a king and that's it. Not a hero, because he relies on technology. And between these epic heros, the one who has affected me the most is Batman, as he is way much popular than Odysseus, and you could talk about batman any thime. Not Odysseus though, only for school.

The end

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