Social Worker.

Social Workers have many daily task such as; Counseling families, groups, and patients, take care of legal issues, help solve and cope with everyday problems and keep history records and prepare reports.

Social Workers work full time, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

They make about $45,900 a year.

Social Workers work in a variety of environments; Mental clinics, schools, church's, child welfare and human services agencies, hospitals, settlement houses, community development corporations,and private practices. They work with public agencies, private businesses, hospital clinics, school, nursing homes, private practices, police departments, courts, children, and families.

Some issues that may arise when being a social worker is technology, client management, individual control, creating greater hopeless feeling, economic decline, aging population, and bullying.

there's also many benefits of being a social worker. Like; You can work from home, its good money, you're getting to help people, stability, satisfaction rating work-life, balance and even salary.

Its a good job to have you get to help children stay safe in a good home, help with kids who have been abused and/or traumatized, counsel kids and families, find housing and work for people , and help pregnant woman find adoptive agencies, help women and children who are victims of domestic violence, strengthen families, and try to keep families together, they're not a big fan of fostering kids.

To be a social Worker you need a good education, You're gonna have to have a bachelors degree in psychology, sociology, or other related fields.

Work skills needed to be a social worker include; Empathy, boundary setting, active listening, social perceptiveness, self awareness, organization, coordination, persuasion, and cooperation and relaxation de- compression.


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