A Play For Sarah Bernhardt By Kevin Verge

The Spatial Experience

I entered the theater and had a special experience because I was the first person to be sat in the entire theater. Physically the theater was a lot bigger than I anticipated, and on the stage stood five beds and some stained glass, obviously a church setting. The feeling was one that is hard to describe and the only word I can think of is, eerie. I was lead straight to the front row, and sat as close as you can get to the stage. In fact my elbow would sometimes find itself on the stage for my own comfortably. The front row provided me with no obstructed views so I was able to really get immersed into the play. Snow fell in the background of the stage and the lights began to dim, and everyone silenced like they were in a trance. That is exactly what it felt like, a trance, a trance that could not be broken until the actors broke the silence with their dialog. The size of the auditorium for me, was not a factor, as I was in the first row. Since I was so close I felt like I was a part of the show in a way. Place plays a big role in finding my good life, and I am thankful I was able to be put into a place that was designed to fully take in the experience and enrich my thoughts even further.

The theatre lobby

The Social Experience

I attended the play by myself, but I did not feel alone at all. The people all around me were talking about what they should take pictures of and just overall about the class. I felt like I belonged there and we were all in the same position, and it felt like a weird sense of friendship even though I didn't talk to anyone. To get ready for the show I made sure to analyze and read the playbill that was handed out as I walked in. It helped place me into the mind set of the times and gave me a better understanding what the play was about. Though I did not attend with friend I felt like it was better seeing it without friend because I was able to focus and formulate opinions that are strictly my own. The role of shared experiences in one's good life is that it create memories and friendships that will make you happier in your pursuit.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The main topic discussed is poverty and how the poor are treated by industries, such as shoe making. The poor conditions and child labor are something we now take very seriously in the United States but during this time it was basically a non factor. Before coming into to see the play I knew that during this time that this problem run rampant because of poverty and the low amount of people investing into their education. This play for sure changed the way I look at this problem, I use to see it as a misfortune, but I now look at it as an atrocity and something that radically changed the country. The subject matter fortunately did not show in my life as often as others, but my family has been in very tough positions financially.

The Emotional Experience

The play, The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt shows us all the ugly side of humanity and what is unjust. What this play provides is an attack on the morals of all and questions who we trust and how we can better ourselves. In the play we find people who are in positions within the church in which we believe have the highest morals but it turns out these people do not. It provides us a catharsis because we can reflect on things we don't usually think about. It gives us an excuse to question our morals. For example it allowed me to release a catharsis of sorts because it forced me to reflect on why some people act the way they do. Some people do have different situations and it will make them act much different than me or my family.This is very important in our quest to find the good life and how we actually want to live.

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