My Monsterser Design Journal, by Ariane

Project Outline: The project Outline of this assessment is to create and design a monster using animatronics. The monster will need to be programmed with at least 3 functions and will need to be suited for a particular genre of film. Warner Brothers Productions are looking for a monster for an upcoming movie, therefor my monster will have to include features that are scary and not original.


Definition of a Monster: My definition of a monster is a creature that is not just ugly or scary but has features that are non-human such as a head that can do a 360 degree rotation, eyes that can change colour, multiple arms and legs that can move. My understanding of a monster changed due to the fact a monster can be anything that someone finds terrifying, or something that someone is afraid of.



Visually the features that scare me in a monster is something with black eyes, sharp teeth and something that has scratches and cracks on its head and face.


Mind Map

Case study

Case Study

The Outline of this case study is to identify how to design a monster that includes 3 functions using animatronics, to be able to fit in a particular genre of film and to be able to create . The issue of my case study that I am conducting is that I don't know how to build a monster using animatronics, by the design that I have chosen will be able to give myself a clear picture of what my genre of film will best be suited for my monster.

I strongly believe the 3 functions that I have decided to include on my monster is the best suited for this criteria. The 3 functions that I want to be included on my monster are to be able to change eye colour, have multiple arms and legs that can move and a head that can do a 360 degree turn. It has been shown that people have more of a fear of darker colours then brighter colours because darker colours are more associated with the horror film most of the time, to show fear. Multiple arms and legs are mostly to scare someone if the where to see a monster because it is a quality that nobody has ever seen therefor my monster will be the most scariest because one of these features. The feature of my monster being able to turn its head all the way around is most likely to scare people because once again this a unique feature that you don't see in everyday life. Therefor more monster is labeled with the best feature that can go in a monster.

I believe that the genre of film Sci-Fi is best suited for my monster because my monster includes features that are scary however are also alienated because the appearance looks like very high tech machinery from another planet. It can also scare more people then horror movies because some people are more scared of knowing that maybe there is other life away from earth then knowing some story to that is not true, or is true and has been exaggerated.This is way my monster is the best for this genre.

Overall I strongly believe that my monster will best be suited for the 3 problems that I will face in the making of this monster and will be able to fit the criteria.



Ideation log: The strategies that I used to work out what needs to be in my monster was to create a Mind Map and list all the features of a monster and what a monster is. The ideas that I listed down on my Mind Map were mostly about the apperance, scary features on the monster, whether the monster is a threat and wether the monster has human or non human features.

MY monster

My Monster: The monster I have decided to create is the size of a an A4 pice of paper. The colour of my monster will be beige only for the head, due to the fact that the head is a doll the rest of the body will be silver. My monster will fit into the 'Sci-Fi' genre of film because I believe my monster will take the form of 'aliens' and that concept.

Personality and film genre: My monster will have the personality of a curious creature that always want to explore yet wants to take in charge, this is were the feature of my monster having 6 legs take in place because this means that my monster can walk around/explor. The genre of my monster is 'Sci-Fi' because my monster is more alienated then scary.

Appearance: My monster will be a simple but large doll head that has cracks and holes on it, it will be the colour beige however the eyes will be able to change colour. The legs will be silver but they won't look like a normal dolls legs, it will have the effect of a doll being torn in half.

Movement and function: I will program my monster to be able to at least make a strange sound/speak, walk successfully on multiple legs, and the eyes will be able to change to different colour.

Reasoning: The reason I chose these design choices was because all these features scare me when I think of a monster.

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