Froghorn 12th February 2021

Headteacher's Corner

Dear Parents/Carers

It hardly seems possible that we are already at the half-way point of this term. In fact, we are now at the half-way point of this academic year. A suitable juncture, therefore, to reflect on how far we have all come in such a short space of time. I have simply lost count of the number of things we’ve had to reinvent about how we ‘do school’ – and yet, here we are having just completed a full half term of teaching entirely via remote learning.

There is much (too much) talk in the media at the moment about the negative impacts of the pandemic on young people’s learning, progress and prospects. Of course, it has been, and it remains, an incredibly challenging time and school being closed will undoubtedly have a significant impact on everyone, to an extent. However, too much talk of ‘lost learning’ and the need for dramatic ‘catch up’ seems to miss a vitally important detail: learning is not confined to the classroom. Young people are continuing to learn a great deal, not just in spite of, but also because of the current situation. They will come out of this unprecedented situation having learnt more about their own resilience, their ability to learn independently, their ability to manage difficult emotions: all of these things can be framed really positively when they are able to look back. They will also be learning a great deal about the importance of their relationships; of their need to make real connections with others; of the meaning of being part of their community. By focusing on these positive aspects, we can counteract the perpetual negativity, which feeds poor mental health. Your child’s (and your own) mental wellbeing is far more important than some supposed gaps in subject knowledge, caused by a crisis out of our own control.

I have faith in our young people. I also have faith in our ability as a school to support students to recognise and frame the positives that can be drawn from their experiences. We can, and will, help students to ‘catch up’. In fact, with their enhanced personal skills, resilience and independence, they will possibly out-do those who have gone before! Generation Covid will be able to flourish!

We are still awaiting confirmation from the government about a number of matters of great importance to students and families. We do not yet have confirmed details on the process of assessment for year 11. We do not yet have confirmed details about the return to school for all students. I know that this leaves everyone with a feeling of great uncertainty. But please be certain of these things: we will communicate swiftly and clearly with you as soon as we can give the clarity that is required and we will do everything in our power to support your child(ren) through whatever comes next.

Thank you to those of you who are taking part in the quiz this evening. As we have been unable to hold our non-uniform day, the student leaders wanted to think of alternative ways to raise money for their house charities, in this case Phyllis Tuckwell hospices. I am very grateful to the team for organising the quiz and sourcing the prizes themselves.

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of the weekly DOPMaster challenge. It certainly brought some light relief to us in school! The second episode is published today – don’t miss it!

Finally, thank you to the parents and carers of year 9 students who took part in the options events over the past couple of weeks. It was great seeing you all online and we look forward to supporting your sons and daughters as they make their final curriculum choices in their guidance appointments after half term.

Do give yourself a break next week if you are able to. If you are working, at least you will not need to be trying to juggle this with supporting your child with their home learning. We encourage students to spend as much time as possible away from their screens next week, ideally getting some fresh air and a chance to re-energise themselves.

Thank you for the ongoing support.

Chris Vaudin - Headteacher

We have a full calendar of events throughout the year. Click the link below to view them.

Examples Of Student Work


Year 11 drama students were given a task to translate the original text of their chosen monologue into their own words to explore their presentation and delivery. Below are a couple of examples:

To read the full monologue by F. Heley, click below.
to read the full monologue by L. Lunn, please click below.


By L. Harper-Giménez.


Nuclear power is a good way to lessen the amount of co2 emissions and green house gasses which ultimately lead to global warming. I think that although it has its downfalls like the radioactive waste and risk of nuclear accidents we need a source of energy that in foreseeable future will do more good then bad. Realistically most humans will not reduce energy use or do there part to help the planet when it comes to electricity, driving and there phones. Replacing fossil fuels with nuclear power will decrease the green house gas emissions, and produce enough power needed, without the conscious effort to the average person having to make any changes. However, uranium is a finite source and will not last forever, roughly 200 years or maybe less, so that’s why there needs to be some sort of compromise with additions of solar panels and wind turbines etc, which also have there pros and cons but in the greater scheme of things are renewable and are the best option we having for a energy source.

By K. Stratford

By C.King
Work by K.Toubella

Kudos Points Update

Student Leadership Team

How to get away from the screen.

Following on from the last Froghorn article the student leadership team wrote, we want to give you some ideas of how to get away from your screens as we know staring at a screen all day can get tiring. We have tried to come up with ideas that you may like to partake in.

Writing competitions

An 8 week challenge that inspires young writers to explore different ways of expressing themselves through their writing. (https://sites.uea.ac.uk/fly/8-week-challenge)

The BBC Young Writers Award with Cambridge University invites all young people aged 14-18 to submit stories of up to 1000 words.



Join thousands of other photographers sharing their passion for photography with great prizes to be won. Get involved with the many competitions.



If you are someone who enjoys sports, get outside, perhaps go on a bike ride or a run. ParkRun is still running virtually and would love for you to take part!



Another great way to get away from your screen and to get creative is to join in with one of the many art competitions which are open for everyone, no matter their ability.


We hope lots of you get involved and perhaps even gain a new hobby.

Abby Metcalf and Luca Harper-Giménez.

Ways to keep sane and healthy in lockdown.

Lockdown can be very dull leaving you with lots of free time. So here are a few ways to keep yourself busy.

Learn a New Skill

A good, healthy way to cure your boredom is to learn a new skill - this could be almost anything. You could learn an instrument or a new language; you could teach yourself how to bake or cook a meal; perhaps you’ve always wanted to improve your art skills or get better at creative writing, learn a new sport or get better at your favourite video game. The choice is yours.

Regular Exercise

Over lockdown, it is important to stay healthy. Although it can be tempting to lay in bed all day, it’s incredibly beneficial to walk your dog, go for a run or just get yourself moving. If you're struggling to get outside or motivate yourself to exercise, then try to schedule a time to work out and be active. These years are some of the most important of your lives so try to make the most out of the situation you're in.

Stay Positive

Learning a new skill and having regular exercise is important, but above all else, staying positive and determined is crucial.

The Student Leadership Team has been meeting weekly to improve everyday life around the school and at home. We are also organising a Tuckwell charity day to the best of our abilities in these circumstances.

Ollie Batley and James Turner

Tuckwell Charity Day

Many thanks to Michael Dougan for arranging the main prize for the winner of the Tuckwell charity quiz being held this week. Thanks also to Netcompany for donating the prize. Netcompany is an IT services consultancy that was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, it is an international company with over 3000 employees in 6 countries with a UK office in London.

Message from the Child and Family Support Worker

Food Bank Donations

At school there is a donation box outside reception to make it easier for any parents/carers to make a donation to our local food bank. This will be available from 8:30am-4pm Monday to Friday. Current shortages are: coffee, instant mash, juice, toilet rolls, toothpaste, shampoo, washing up liquid, washing powder/gel, shaving foam, razors, and deodorant.

You can also donate at various venues in the Hart area, which are listed on the link below:


Library News

Encouraging reading during lockdown.

There have been many articles in the media documenting how children’s education will have suffered during lockdown and one of the areas expected to have reduced is literacy. A recent survey carried out by the National Literacy Trust showed that many children have actually increased the amount that they read during lockdown, but if you would like to encourage your child to read more or would like some resources to help your child with their literacy then there is plenty online.

The National Literacy Trust (https://literacytrust.org.uk/) has lots of resources for both parents and students; have a look at wordsforlife.org.uk. ‘Zone In’ (https://wordsforlife.org.uk/zone-in/) is the area for children aged 13 and over and contains such resources as quizzes, book lists, an online book club, and sessions to improve your writing and improve your speaking and listening. There’s also a link to BBC Teach (https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/secondary/zkqp47h ) where there are thousands of free curriculum-linked class clips to help you keep learning.

Another site worth looking at is Twinkl (https://www.twinkl.co.uk/), for hundreds of worksheets aimed at KS3 and KS4, such as Tricky Spellings, Non-fiction texts, English language structure, vocabulary and punctuation, a history of Lego reading comprehension, and worksheets on Macbeth and poetry.

Authorfy (https://authorfy.com/) is a great website that is free to join and has short videos from a huge range of authors, as well as resources and activities to help keep your kids engaged.

We have recommended reading lists for each year group on our website but, for more variety, visit schoolreadinglists.co.uk where there is also a list of recommended magazines for children in school years 7 to 11.

Books for Keeps (http://booksforkeeps.co.uk/ ) is the UK’s leading, independent children’s book magazine. There is a wealth of book reviews and book recommendations and you can read all of the previous issues of the magazine.

Half Term Events

The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is running events during half term for children of all ages. (https://www.shakespearesglobe.com/seasons/telling-tales-2021/) Please note there is a ticket fee for the sessions.

Power 2 – Young Leaders

During half term, Power 2 are running workshops as part of their Young Leaders programme. These are all free, but spaces are limited, so sign up as soon as you can.


The National Trust

As lockdown continues, the National Trust has put together a range of suggested activities to keep you occupied during half term. Check them out here: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/february-half-term-for-all-the-family

Forest Forge Theatre Company

Next week, Forest Forge Theatre Company is running an online writing course for young people, as well as a few activities for younger children. Please note there is a fee for each of the sessions. https://forestforgetheatre.co.uk/event/online-young-writers-workshop-ages-12-18/

Hampshire Book Award – Coming Soon!

This year’s Hampshire Book Award run by Hampshire Schools Library Service will be launching soon. The Award is open to year 8 students and encourages reading for pleasure and critical reading of texts. Between the last week of March and the end of June, students will have 6 books to read, all written for Young Adults, and published in 2020. There will be meetings to discuss the books and evaluate them in terms of Enjoyment, Engagement and Enrichment. The students who have regularly contributed to meetings, and completed all 6 books, will then take part in the Regional Voting Day at the start of July. The Hampshire Book Award is voted for solely by students and the winning author is invited to an Award ceremony in November.

Hampshire Book Award is a superb opportunity for students in year 8 to continue their enjoyment of reading and discover some books beyond their usual horizons. If you have a student at home who you think would be interested in this opportunity, please email Miss Livingstone on a.livingstone@frogmorecollege.co.uk.


The school has a fantastic eBook platform and every student has their own account that they can log in to and read or listen to the brilliant range of books available.

There are a list of recommended reads per year group, so if your child is at a loss for what to read, have a browse through those lists for some inspiration. A list of recommended audiobooks is also being compiled as we speak.

If you’d like your login details, please email a.livingstone@frogmorecollege.co.uk and they will be emailed to you. The log in details for both the eBook platform and Reading Cloud are the same.

Here is the link to the website for you to have a browse:


The Day is a news website curated specifically for secondary aged children. It has new articles every day, as well as quizzes and activities. The log in details for the site are:

Login: frogmore

Password: theday


eChalk is an educational learning platform, covering everything from art to maths to history, you can even learn binary in a short course. There are quizzes and resources on all the GCSE English set texts, French vocabulary quizzes, science activities, and you can even train your ear with The Blob Chorus. The log in details are:

Login: frogmore

Password: echalk

Borrow Box

If you are a member of a public library, you can sign up to Borrow Box for free. You just need your online library log in details and the app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Kindle Fire. You can then access all the ebooks and audiobooks available on the platform.


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Congratulations to the winners of our 50/50 draw. Mrs Wisdom won in November and Mrs Spiers in January!


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