Schuhplatter AustriA

Schuhplatter is a holiday that is like an outdoor wedding. Everyone gathers together and they dance.
During the festival farmers will dress up their cows to show how well their harvest was.

A very big custom for this holiday is drinking wine. People with wine cellars would put something above the door to show that their would be a new opening of wine.

We know that when you celebrate Shcuhplatter you drink wine but I bet you are wondering what they eat. They most popular item is a huge salad bar.
People dress up in folk dancing cloths. There isn't a specific outfit for children and grown ups. They wear the same type of things.
Shuhplatter isn't a major holiday so there is school. It happens more than once so you would be out of school a lot.
Other places celebrate weddings and drink wine but they don't decorate or celebrate the same exact way as you do on Shuhplatter.

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