Norfolk Southern One line, infinite possibilities


  1. Company background
  2. Where they transport
  3. Modes of transportation
  4. What they transport
  5. Vision Statement
  6. Spirit Values
  7. Financial Information

Company Background

  • Created in 1827
  • First computer powered railroad
  • Provides service to domestic and international customers
  • One of the nation's top transportation companies
  • Acts as a responsible steward of their resources through the implementation of sustainable practices


Provides Transportation in: 22 states, Eastern seaport, 10 river ports, 9 lake ports

Forms of Transportation:

  • 45 Ports
  • 55 Intermodal terminals
  • 76,641 Freight cars
  • 9,780 Bridges
  • 64 Automotive Facilities
  • 158 Tunnels
  • 4,353 Locomotives

Delivering for American Industry and Consumers

Vision Statement: "to be the safest, most customer-focused, and successful transportation company in the world."

Spirit Values

  • Safety- caring for employees and products through the implementation of high standards
  • Performance- providing exceptional customer service
  • Integrity- focusing on honesty and fairness
  • Respect- all stakeholders' ideas and beliefs are important
  • Innovation- creating new solutions
  • Teamwork- working together yields better results

Financial Information

  • $34.5 million in charitable giving to local educational, community, environmental, and health organizations
  • $4.2 billion in customer investments
  • 6,190 jobs created which greatly benefitted the economy
  • $6 billion purchases & payments
  • $2.9 billion wages and benefits
  • 29,450 employees


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