The University of Kentucky.

Malik Monk is a 6ft 3 Guard and weighs 185 ib.

This is Malik Monk he plays for Kentucky.

This is Bentoville Arkansas and this is were Malik Monk grew up.

This is Scratch the Kentuckys Wildcates mascot.

The State Bird
The State Nickname
The state flower

All the states around Kentucky are the states that border Kentucky.

These are the time zones of the U.S

Rajon Rondo plays for the bulls know.

This is Rajon Rondo he is a famous basketball player that was born in Kentucky.

This is George Clooney

This is George Clooney he is a famous actor and he was born in Kentucky.

This is Johnney Depp

This is Johnney Depp he is a famous actor and he was born in Kentucky.

This is were the University of Kentucky is located.

These are Kentucky attractions.

The one on the left is the Mammoth Cave National Park. The one on the right is the Kentucky Horse Park, and the one in the middle is the the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Kentucky flag

This is the state flag of Kentucky.

Me, and JJ

This is me and JJ dressed up like are mascot the Kentucky Wildcat.

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