In To The WILd by: Jon Krakauer

Summary: argument with his parents Christopher McCandless decides that he has had enough and must embark on an adventure across mid-west America. In an effort to free himself from of all of his of his past McCandless turns his back on everything from his previous life including his beloved Datsun 240z, his tattered family life, all of the $25,000 dollars in his bank account, as well as his prestigious degree from Emory university, and several treasured relics after. Later on Christopher begins hitch hiking from town to town throughout the Midwest in search of enlightenment, and low paying labor jobs. After earning a minute amount of crash Christopher purchases a canoe in southern California and paddles all the way to Mexico. while in Mexico Christopher is greeted by several hunters whom, offer to take him back to their base camp in Arizona. Christopher stays in Arizona for several months and scrounges up little more money flipping ham burgers at a local McDonalds, and begins hitch hiking again however, and as winter approaches his frozen body then found dead by several Alaskan natives. This time in search of the last frontier; Alaska. Once he has reaches Alaska Christopher’s low quality outdoor gear fails him, and his body his found frozen atop of a mountain in Denali national park.

Book review: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to reader and outdoor enthusiast alike. This is a fast passed adventure novel, with a mind boggling plot will lead readers struggling to put it down. Although this book may not be the most inspiring novel, I found it to be the one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. Even though most readers may not agree with all of Christopher’s reasoning, or action, author Jon Krakauer dose a wonder full job cataloging Christopher McCandless adventure. Throughout the novel author Jon Krakauer creates mellow mood, that truly allows readers to form their own opinion of the protagonist Christopher McCandless. I feel that this book evokes a great sense of adventure, as well a desire to wander in to the wild. This what made this book such an influential read, and why I would recommend it to so many other readers.

“I read somewhere... how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong... to measure yourself at least once.”

- Jon Krakauer In To The Wild

left image: Christopher hich hiked every where he went and refused transit by plane or other high speed means. Right image: Christopher search for the ocean while canoeing along river for weeks in Mexico
right image: before beginning his expedition Christopher abandoned his Datsun240Z in forest in Colorado after a flood. Left image: Christopher's body was found frozen in the Denali mountain range
image above: after his trip to Alaska Christopher had planed on working on a grain farm in Montana
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