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Throughout my years of teaching English as a foreign language, I have noticed that most of my students lack the self confidence to speak English. This is when I started to consider different ideas aiming to raise encourage them to speak. One of ideas was to provide my students with an opprtuinty to create videos in English.

Why Videos ?

Creating a video can be very motivitating and encouraging to EFL students since...

1- They are shy and afraid of making mistakes.

2- They are afraid of criticism and not having anything to say.

The fact that they can rely on memorizing the script creates a positive and relaxing experience.

Creating videos...

= creating a memorable learning experience

= Self confidence + Love for the English language

How to choose the topics for the videos ?

There are a few considerations to make before deciding on the topic for the video.

It has to be interesting for your students. When the topic is relevant for them they more involved in the process and creation. For example, one of my students’ assignment was to create a public announcement that includes a message that they would like to convey.

The video can be around the theme of the unit that you are dealing with in class.

Teachers can use the creation of a video as an alternative assessment.

After filming the video and editing it, teachers can publish the final products on YouTube for the whole world to view. (Of course you need parental approval) .

There’s no doubt that there’s an added value to this because when students produce their content for a broader audience they pay more attention to polishing it and presenting it the best way possible.

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