GREEK MYTHOLOGY By: Olivia Wallace

This is all about Poseidon he is the God of the sea. Poseidon has all the power of the water and the the creatures in the sea. He married beautiful girl named Amphitrite. Amphitrite has 49 sisters and Poseidon and Amphitrite with her sisters live in a golden palce that used to belong to her father. Poseidon had a brother his name is Zeus. Poseidon was so jealous of Zeus because he had all the power. Poseidon spent most of his time complaining about being second best. When the time came Amphitrite and Poseidon had 3 kids one of their kids was Triton.

Four allusions: Midas touch or Golden touch. Means: lucky or do well. Opening Pandora┬┤s box.Means: What you do could turn out badly. Herclean tasks. Means: requiring strength or effort. Trogin horse. Means: somethings are different then you expect.

Character traits of gods: All the gods have the character trait of what god they are. They are all stubborn and they are all about them self. When people think they are better than them they will some how be punished. All the women are beautiful.

Character traits of heroes and villains: A character trait's for Odysseys is brave, a challenger,and determinate. King Midas: selfish and unkind. Pandora: curious and outgoing.

What I like/love about Greek mythology: I love that there are tones of different myths and that there different kinds of a myth. But the 2 story's I like the most was Medusa and Pandora's box.

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